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Stop the NDR at the airport

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Mark Crutchley
Stop the NDR at the airport

We call on Norfolk County Council to stop the NDR at the airport and instead prioritise spending on local services and socially useful facilities such as health centres.

Why is this important?

The construction of the Norwich Northern Distributor Road (NDR) from Postwick to Norwich Airport will cost over £133 million, with UK taxpayers funding £88 million via the Department for Transport.

However local councils intend to spend at least a further £45 million of Norfolk taxpayers’ money to extend the road by 4 miles to the A1067 - a double-whammy for Norfolk residents. This at a time when budgets for the emergency services, health and social care, libraries, museums and education are being slashed. This is socially, financially and environmentally reckless.

Please sign this petition to urge the council to put people before roads.


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Reasons for signing

  • The beginning of the end of our lovely county .
  • Not a good idea.
  • NCC are trying TOO hard to get this road built, it is becoming obvious it's more to do with 'growth' and their LEP friends than congestion alleviation, which it can never achieve


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2015-10-19 12:13:40 +0100

Norfolk County Council have announced that they will be holding another EGM to approve the NDR on 30th October - simplicity accepting their initial decision was flawed. This means we must push as hard as possible ahead of that for the route to be stopped at the airport.

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