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To: Sajid Javid, Secretary of State for Health and Amanda Pritchard, CEO NHS England

STOP the new plans to dismantle our NHS.

STOP the destruction of our NHS. Call a halt to the Sustainability and Transformation Plans now rebadged as Integrated Care Systems, NOW

Why is this important?

This is the biggest attack on the NHS you've never heard of.

For the last few years the news has been full of winter and summer crisis in the NHS, with A&E's closing their doors and ambulances unable to discharge their patients.(1) In late 2015 the Chief Executive of NHS England, Simon Stevens, created a plan to solve this by CLOSING more A&Es. He thinks if you close hospitals people will stop using them. (2)

Called Sustainability and Transformation Plans he has split England into 44 areas - called 'footprints'. Each 'footprint' was told in late December in 2015 that they must have a plan by 30th June 2016 to completely change the way the NHS works. To work they had to be able to prove they could clear their massive debts within a year.

To do that they have to close services and sell land and hospitals.

Has a hospital closed near you? Is it under threat? Simon Stevens says that to make the NHS affordable we, the public, must get used to no longer having a major hospital within easy reach. This was planned in 2013, but shelved until after the 2015 election as being 'politically sensitive'. It looks like the STP has taken that off the shelf and that is very bad news. In 2013 there were 140 full A&E hospitals in England. We could be be left with between 40-70 A&Es. Closing A&Es is very bad for your health. (3)
There was a link to TTIP.
Jeremy Hunt hired Simon Stevens to take over NHS England in 2014. Before that he was President of global operations for United Health of America where he was a lobbyist for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. He didn't oppose it. He fought to open up public health services like our NHS to US private health corporations. We know TTIP and the NHS are top campaigns for 38 degrees members. (4)

Now he's in charge of our NHS! He is driving through a change which will eradicate our NHS and replace it with a US style health service. These new organisations could even be run by US corporations, holding the budgets and deciding what care will be provide and who can get it. This is what the Sustainability and Transformation Plans are doing to our NHS. See and Updates, below.


We think this is the last big battle to save our NHS. If you want it to be there for your children and grandchildren in their time of need then fight now. (6)








Another dreadful week for Jeremy Hunt:

I've also grouped them together on a page here:

Find out which 'Footprint' you are in by scrolling down to the map here:-




2021-10-29 19:06:27 +0100
Have a look at this video and the website.
What do you think?

2021-09-10 19:17:56 +0100

The Conservative Party backed Centre for Policy Studies has concluded from a study of the evidence gathered from the most advanced Integrated Care Systems soon to be statutory bodies if the Health and Care Bill is passed, that there is no compelling evidence of overall improvement!!
It calls on the Government to drop plans to put ICS on a statutory footing until there is a more robust evidence base.

2021-08-11 21:27:25 +0100

The changes to the NHS that the Health and Care Bill will legalise, are already happening, so people are getting less and less care already, while hospitals argue about who is going to pay for transport between 2 different ICS locations .

2021-07-30 19:13:22 +0100

Only 219 MPs voted to #ScraptheNHSbill. 356 voted to continue with a second reading. This dismantling Bill is now in the Committee stage. This is not a party political issue. There is no centre ground. You either support a traditional public NHS or you don't. 356 seem to not support that! Can that be right? Here's more info:-

2021-07-20 16:39:33 +0100

Amy's story is mentioned here too.

2021-07-20 16:35:59 +0100

How can we trust private companies - whose primary aim is to make profit - to look after vulnerable #NHS patients properly? Tania & Amy’s story is proof that we can’t. The government’s NHS Bill would give more power to these companies - it must be stopped! #ScrapNHSBill

2021-07-14 17:00:27 +0100

Apologies to Dr Seuss?

2021-07-14 16:57:50 +0100


2021-02-28 13:06:46 +0000

Just WHY would a subsidiary of US sub-prime insurer Centene, be interested in running GP surgeries in London? WHY are 2 of the directors former employees of NHS England, and WHERE is Operose (the name of the UK subsidiary) going to look for its next takeover bid?

2021-01-15 14:24:52 +0000

The (Very) Long Term Plan for the NHS, explained by Public Matters, here:-
This is about the laws that govern how the NHS is run and how it affects the care you get.

New legislation is due, promised for this year, and it takes us another step in de-nationalising the service and bringing the private sector into an ever closer role in making decisions about what care you get and how and when you get it.

It's far closer to a US style Medicare model than to anything like the public service model we had when the NHS was created.

A consultation on one part of the proposed legislation closed last Friday 8th January. But there will be more opportunities to have a say, and there's even a campaign to demand that last week's stays open for responses longer. (see

2021-01-14 16:25:02 +0000

Primary Care Networks are the building blocks of the Integrated Care Systems. GPs are being asked by the BMA to vote on the contract. However they vote, it looks like patients are the losers.

2020-12-18 14:37:37 +0000

NHS England is consulting on new legislation to finalise the NHS 'Transformation'.

Multinational Companies (Transnational Capital) helped write that legislation. Here's Deborah Harrington from the think tank Public Matters, to explain how.

2020-07-18 16:36:54 +0100

With 9 months to go before all the 42 STP areas are due to be fully functioning Integrated Care Systems, with a single budget for all health related services and jockeying one presumes, by different areas for their share of the sterling pie, West Yorkshire and Harrogate ICS has met to talk about their 'stabilisation and reset' plans. Guess what! More cuts.

2020-05-16 11:29:12 +0100

14 May 2020: Four new ICS announced.

Hertfordshire and West Essex
Humber, Coast and Vale
South West London

All four were previously sustainability and transformation partnerships, with Sussex and East Surrey STP becoming Sussex ICS. East Surrey has joined the Surrey health system.

It is NHS England's intention that all STP areas are fully functioning Integrated Care systems (formerly called Accountable Care Systems) known as ICS, with powers transferred from NHS England even though they are not statutory bodies, by 2021.

2020-01-09 16:15:37 +0000

The Yorkshire Evening Post has printed a story about 3 Yorkshire GP practices where the majority owner is US's Centene.

Read more stories here: