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To: Brighton Council Health Oversight and Scrutiny Committee

Stop the STP mass cuts to our local NHS and social care services

Stop the STP mass cuts to our local NHS and social care services

Please sign and share this petition to demand the Health Oversight and Scrutiny Committee of Brighton Council do everything in their power to subject to proper public and council scrutiny the hidden mass cuts and service changes being imposed on essential local services

Why is this important?

The regional Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) is a largely hidden, high-level plan to hurriedly bring about the integration of health and social care, with a central role given to private providers. It is motivated more by hope than any real understanding of need and with no consultation with professionals and the public.

- From the extreme level of “savings” outlined in both the STP and the part of the plan focused on mid-Sussex & East Surrey it is clear that the key objective is to reduce costs regardless of consequence.

- In illustration of this, the amount our region (STP footprint 33) is being asked to save by 2020/21 is a staggering £653 million.

- “Savings” already specified in the STP report include £112m on social care

- £47.4m to be saved by encouraging GPs not to refer people to hospital

- These plans nationally will put the final nail in the coffin of a comprehensive NHS and locally will have an irrevocably damaging impact on the health of city residents.

- Local authorities round England are now protesting about STP and refusing to sign up. One local authority has initiated legal action.

As citizens of Brighton & Hove we ask that the HOSC, with its role of overseeing and scrutinising our local health services, act urgently. We urge you as our elected representatives to:

- Pass a motion of opposition to STP
- Set up a review panel to call witnesses to account for all aspects of the STP and the Place-based Delivery Plan so an informed decision can be made by the whole council.
- Initiate a full public consultation on the final detailed plan before any decisions are made to ratify it

2. Google 'Central Sussex and East Surrey Place-based Delivery Plan' for the PDF figures, page 16
3. For more general information and a detailed STP flyer-

Brighton & Hove

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Reasons for signing

  • Save our NHS from being privatised and eroded at the seams secretly...We all deserve to access at point of care to a medical system based on needs.Increase taxes and make health care tourists pay before being treated like all other countries in Europe and America do.God bless our NHS.Sign the petition!
  • There is till time to change direction. There is still time to protect the a public service that represents the very best of our empathy, compassion and sense of responsibility to each other. lets save a service that has over the years saved so many of us.
  • These STP proposals are unacceptable. Fund the NHS properly by taxing those who can afford to pay more - not give them tax reductions !


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