To: David Lidington MP, Secretary of State for Justice

Don't give G4S & Serco the power to arrest

Don't give G4S & Serco the power to arrest

Please don't give security firms like G4S and Serco the power to make arrests

Why is this important?

In a shocking 290m privatisation deal, Serco and G4S – the same two companies who were stripped of contracts for tagging prisoners because a Serious Fraud Office investigation revealed they were charging for tagging people who didn’t exist – are going to be trusted with the handcuffs by the government.

Essentially, the proposals would see G4S staff given the powers of Civilian Enforcement Officers. That is, authorised officers/employees of Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service becoming vested with the power to seize and sell goods to recover money owed under fines and community penalty notices, and to execute warrants of arrest, committal, detention and distraint.

The sticking point here is that although much of the recovery and enforcement arms of the Court service has long been outsourced to ‘Authorised’ Enforcement Officers (employees of various other private companies), the line has until now been drawn at outsourcing the power of arrest.

No more.

Reasons for signing

  • The motivating force of these companies is to increase profits - that does not sit easily with concern for justice. Look what has happened which many other outsourcing ventures - from Probation services to Learning to welfare assessments.
  • Why don't we invest in the police force instead of paying outside organisations to do the same job. Especially when they have failed so many times in the past. It's a well known fact that Theresa May's husband is involved with G4S jobs for the boys
  • I’m sick of this government bringing private sector companies in to just make profit off the tax payers


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