Stop Uber Taking drivers money away for fraudulant rider!

Stop Uber Taking drivers money away for fraudulant rider!

Uber needs to stop taking away drivers money for completed trips.. the odd occasion you might get a fraudulant rider using the services and driver looses out as uber deduct the whole trip money after knowing the rider was dodgy. Why do drivers suffer? Why dont uber have an insurance for fraudulant trips? We forfill trips that come to us via the Uber app and we complete it, there is no physical way of knowing whos a genuine rider or who is fraudulant. Uber seem not bothered and they just deduct the money from drivers.

Why is this important?

Its important we get paid for work thats been completed.
Drivers use own cars, fuel, time to do these trip that uber provide on app and if fraudulant we drivers dont know any better. Why does driver loose out? Why doesnt uber have a system in place to avoid situations like that or insurance to cover cost of driver.


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Reasons for signing

  • Uber need to step up security for its drivers & passengers, drivers should not be held responsible for the actions of criminals.
  • Not our responsibility to check rider id we should get paid for every completed trip


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