Successful Campaigns

Successful Campaigns
  • Stop the damming of the River Conwy
    UPDATE: 14/3/16 - You may have seen the news by now, that after a dedicated effort from local campaigners, supported by the 6,311 of you who signed the petition, the Snowdonia National Park Authority made the right decision and refused permission for multinational energy giant RWE to build a hydro scheme on the River Conwy. After last weeks meeting the refusal notice has now been formally issued and the River Conwy is safe from the developers - THANK YOU!
    6,308 Signatures
    Created by Chris Wright
  • Protect the rights of vulnerable children and care leavers
    UPDATE: 03/03/17 We Won! The government is set to scrap plans to allow councils to apply for exemptions from social care legislation in the face of continuing opposition: Previously we also won a battle to get this rejected in the Lords. Peers voted 245/213 in favour of dropping these terrible proposals. This petition signed by over 100,000 people was named twice in that debate! Congratulations everyone! Thank you for helping to get rid of this massive threat to children’s rights!
    108,059 Signatures
    Created by Carolyne Willow
    UPDATE: 19/04/17 George Osborne has announced that he's quitting as an MP Read more here:
    195,261 Signatures
    Created by Diana Simkins
  • Stop Suffragette statue being removed from Parliament
    Just a few days after we handed in our huge petition to Westminster Council, the planning application to move the statue was withdrawn! Sir Niel Thorne, the former MP behind the bid to move the staue of Emmiline Pankhurst from its historic home said: “we realised considerable pressure was being put on Westminster City Council, who’d find it more difficult to approve moving the statue.” Thanks to our pressure, Emmeline Pankhurst will remain by Paliament - thank you!
    181,468 Signatures
    Created by Jacquie Hawkins
  • Don't scrap the pensions dashboard
    Pensions dashboard The government committed to getting the pensions dashboard off the ground. It means we’ll be able to keep track of all our pensions in one place, stopping us losing out on thousands of pounds. When news came out that the government was considering scrapping the dashboard, over 200,000 of us jumped into action. We signed open letters, emailed our MPs and our research, which proved how much people could lose without a pensions dashboard, was plastered all over the press. The government saw our messages in their inboxes and in the media - and yesterday they acted.
    199,425 Signatures
  • Let the Telfers keep their home and business
    03/04/19 We won! Tenant farmers, David and Alison Telfer have won their fight against eviction from their farm. An agreement has been reached and the Telfers are able to remain in their home until retirement. Joan McAlpine MSP, who had been fighting to let the Telfers remain, had this to say about our petition: "I'd also like to thank the organisers of the 38 Degrees petition who gathered 89,000 names of people who wanted to support Alison and David."
    89,044 Signatures
    Created by Aeneas Nicolson
  • Please save my wife Pauline Taylor-French
    02/05/18 A message from Grahame: Thanks so much for signing Pauline's petition. I am really pleased to let you know that Pauline has just been granted 30 months leave to stay! So people power really can work! We still have some mountains to cross but we can at last relax a bit now and admire the view! Over 100,000 signatures in less than 10 weeks is amazing. Knowing there are so many good people out there has given us great strength. Apparently the Home Secretary received some 16,000 tweets from petition signers over just the past 2 days (LOL!). Thanks also to 38 Degrees who have been brilliant! Without this support I'm sure Pauline would have been just another case to brush under the carpet! Whilst the decision does not mitigate for the injustices Pauline has suffered (as clearly described by our barrister) it will at least allow the long recovery process to begin. We can now start planning the rest of our lives - including a long-awaited honeymoon! I really hope that lessons can be learned so others don't have to go through the same nightmare. I for one will one work tirelessly to this end. Keep well and thanks again. Grahame (& Pauline) x
    100,282 Signatures
    Created by Grahame French Picture
  • Birmingham City Council: Declare a Climate Emergency and Take Action
    On Tuesday 11th June Birmingham City Council declared a climate emergency! All 83 councillors who turned up to the meeting (out of possible 101) voted for the motion. Extinction Rebellion were named as part of the debate and the young people involved in the school climate strike were referenced multiple times. Many councillors spoke and covered a range of topics including energy, transport, education, housing, waste, divestment of pension funds and investment and system change. The petition was submitted with over 3000 signatures. This decision has placed the UK’s second largest city on the climate crisis map of those willing to take action. Thank you so much for your support so far! Now we must ensure that action happens! If you want to stay involved, here are a few of the local groups that will continue to support, monitor and put pressure on the council: Please do reply to this email if you have any questions! And thank you once again for taking part in this campaign! Best wishes, Katherine
    2,694 Signatures
    Created by Katherine Potter
  • Whirlpool - recall your faulty goods.
    12/06/19 Whirlpool has been ordered to recall 500,000 tumble dryers in an “unprecedented” government move, a business minister has announced.
    1,721 Signatures
    Created by Tim Smith
  • 329,386 Signatures
    Created by Lucy M Picture