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Successful Campaigns

Successful Campaigns
  • Save the Coasthopper Bus Service
    We won! It's been announced that bus services on the popular Coasthopper route along the North Norfolk Coast will continue to run.
    11,042 Signatures
    Created by 765 Action Committee Holt Norfolk Picture
  • Save our bees and bugs 🐝
    UPDATE: 25/10/18 Your support has helped gain concessions from government with the creation of a £60,000 fund to complete the mapping of pollinator habitat in England. Buglife welcomes this as a first step towards securing the future of our pollinators. This is real affirmative action in the battle to preserve the buzz of life. Once mapping is completed more resource will be needed to deliver the on-the-ground action to turn the maps into landscapes full of wildflowers for pollinators.
    30,305 Signatures
    Created by Paul Hetherington Picture
  • Help Murray and others like him: Make medicinal cannabis available on the NHS
    26/07/18 We won!!! Home Secretary Sajid Javid said "cannabis-derived medicinal products" will be available "by the autumn" through the NHS system Announcing the changes, Javid said: “Recent cases involving sick children made it clear to me that our position on cannabis-related medicinal products was not satisfactory.” Thanks to the hundreds of thousands of 38 Degrees members who signed this petition, wrote to Sajid Javid, and pushed the government to make this important change to the law.
    242,082 Signatures
    Created by Karen Gray Picture
  • Parking Restrictions at Thornes Park, Wakefield
    Wakefield Council have have listened and decided not to impose parking restrictions at Thornes Park, well done everyone - great teamwork!
    133 Signatures
    Created by Nic Stansby
  • STOP MOORSIDE: "Biggest Nuclear Development in Europe"
    11/11/18 THANKS TO ALL who have campaigned to raise the alarm about the diabolic plan for 3 reactors on green fields near to Sellafield. The Guardian and other press have reported that: ““Toshiba recognises that the economically rational decision is to withdraw from the UK nuclear power plant construction project, and has resolved to take steps to wind-up NuGen,” Toshiba statement. ‘NuGen’ is saying it is pulling out of Cumbria and the inference is that is with immediate effect as Toshiba looks to divest completely from nuclear activity. That is brilliant! BUT Toshiba should be made to clear up its mess.
    12,655 Signatures
    Created by Marianne Birkby Picture
    24/11/14: We've won! Together, 38 Degrees members and Spinwatch have persuaded NHS England to publish details of their big spending. Take a look here: And if you see anything unusual we could dig into.
    76,022 Signatures
    Created by Tamasin Cave from Spinwatch
  • 2,480 Signatures
    Created by Hayley White Picture
  • Save Totnes Sunday Good Food Market
    04/11/18 Great news The Totnes Sunday Good Food Market has been saved. South Hams District Council has reached an agreement with Ray Reynolds, the market operator. The award winning market will continue to be operated under the stewardship of Ray and will hopefully go from strength to strength. Thanks for signing the petition and this played a part in getting the council to talk to Ray to bring about an agreement. Regards John Birch
    672 Signatures
    Created by John Birch Picture
  • Full Ban of Sarahah
    20/02/18 - We won! Sarahah has been removed from both the Apple App Store and Google Play. It follows over 120,000 of us signing a petition, then thousands of us writing in to Apple and Google and posting on their facebook walls. First Apple took down the app, so we went back to Google and a few days later they took down the app too!
    121,669 Signatures
    Created by Eben Morrish-Croad Picture
  • Remove plastics from PG Tips tea bags
    28th February - BREAKING: we’ve just won! PG Tips have today announced that they are removing plastic from their tea bags. Because 38 Degrees-ers like you stood up to Britain’s biggest tea manufacturer, there will now be 10 billion fewer fewer plastic tea bags damaging our environment every year. PG Tips announces plans to remove plastic from tea bags:
    232,810 Signatures
    Created by Michael Armitage