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Successful Campaigns
    UPDATE: 19/04/17 George Osborne has announced that he's quitting as an MP Read more here:
    195,181 Signatures
    Created by Diana Simkins
    UPDATE 12/04/17 Thank you all so much for signing the "Save the Market Hall Cinema" petition. I am overjoyed to tell you that WE WON! The Cinema Trust have just released a statement to let all the supporters know that "following months of testing, and rigorous investigation" they are pleased to announce that they will soon be able to reopen. The Trust want to thank everyone for their support, and look forward to welcoming us back into Wales Oldest Cinema! There will be a short delay while they sort out the necessities - such as checking the emergency lighting and the water supply - as they have not been able to access the building for a few months. "It's been a bit of an uphill struggle at times, but like old vinyl records, we're coming back! Which reminds us, please send us your suggestions for the next Album listening party... Back For Good by Take That, anyone?" Thank you for standing with me on this issue. Jude Pitman
    2,250 Signatures
    Created by Jude Pitman Picture
  • Open Night Shelters for Rough Sleepers - Brighton & Hove
    We Won! The issue was discussed at full Council in Brighton and supported unanimously.
    4,162 Signatures
    Created by John Hadman
  • Save Bus Route 36 in Moray serving Findhorn and Kinloss
    UPDATE - 29/03/17 Thank you for signing the petition Save Bus Route 36 in Moray serving Findhorn and Kinloss - your help was VITAL and we DID IT!!!! Stagecoach North Scotland is now keeping the service to Findhorn and Kinloss (with a new service 31 which will begin on Monday 8th of May). Thank you SO MUCH EVERYONE - you helped the local community a lot! BUT PLEASE USE THE NEW BUS 31 WHEN YOU ARE AROUND. It is vital that the route gets used to ensure we can keep it also in the long term. Thanks so much everyone! Lauri Monroy This is from the Forres Gazette today:
    1,766 Signatures
    Created by Lauri Monroy
  • Theresa May: Don't force me to give birth without my husband
    We’d like to thank the 40,919 people who supported our campaign and signed our petition. It was an incredible amount of support for one small family and it has given us so much strength over the last year and a half, during which our lives have had to be put on hold while we fought the injustice of the inhuman 2012 “tick box” spouse visa rules. we are delighted to inform all our supporters that we won our first appeal on the grounds of violations against human rights. The Home Office then went against the judiciary and our widespread public support and attempted to appeal the judge’s decision. We are delighted to update all our supporters that permission for the Home Office to appeal was declined by a second judge as the Home Office had “no point of law” as the basis of their appeal. We have just celebrated our daughter’s 1st birthday and now my husband’s spouse visa is in place.
    42,060 Signatures
    Created by Marianne Bailey
  • Save Mossley Community Orchard
    Thank you so much for signing the petition to Save Mossley Community Orchard...all 1,300 of you! The good news is that following a Tameside Council meeting yesterday at which the petition, supporting emails and a raft of photos of community investment and involvement in the orchard were presented...the site has been withdrawn from the auction! The next step is that we as a community need to discuss the future of the orchard and the wider Greave St greenspace and convince TMBC that the space is a valuable community asset. So, if anyone is local and can come along to the next volunteering session on Sunday April 23rd from 10am - 1pm for some celebratory weeding and litter picking then please do :-) Meanwhile we will leave the petition open as it is still being shared and names added and you never know when we might need to call on it agin eh? Thank you all again for your support, Rachel and the Greave St Gang.
    1,329 Signatures
    Created by Rachel Summerscales Picture
    UPDATE! We won the campaign! Communities Secretary Sajid Javid slipped out an announcement backing down on the plans at at the Local Government Association (LGA) councillors' forum on 19 January 2017 You can read his full speech here: Specifically this bit “Today I can confirm that the localisation of Attendance Allowance is no longer being considered as part of the business rates reforms. I’ll be announcing further details on business rates reforms shortly. But I can tell you now that Attendance Allowance will not be included.” This is fantastic news, and thank you so much to everyone that signed the petition and emailed the minister to help put pressure on him. It looks as though Attendance Allowance is safe for now!
    132,782 Signatures
    Created by denise fellows
  • Strip Donald Trump of his honorary degree
    UPDATE: We've won the campaign! Robert Gordon University have just announced that they are revoking Donald Trump's honorary degree. They say: "In 2010 Robert Gordon University awarded an honorary DBA to Mr Donald Trump, in recognition of his achievements as an entrepreneur and businessman. In the course of the current US election campaign, Mr Trump has made a number of statements that are wholly incompatible with the ethos and values of the university. The University has therefore decided to revoke its award of the honorary degree" Click here to email the university to say thank you:
    80,135 Signatures
    Created by Suzanne Kelly Picture
  • Stop Las Iguanas forcing their staff to "Pay to Work"
    UPDATE - 25/09/15 Victory! Amazing news, following a campaign from 38 Degrees members, restaurant company Las Iguanas have announced they are changing their unfair tips policy. It’s a fantastic victory for people power. Read their announcement here: "What a great result for the hard-working staff at Las Iguanas and all 38 Degrees members. This shows without a doubt that when the public get together and have a single-minded focus, then things can and will change. Other restaurants with unfair tipping policies should be looking at this and following suit." Samuel Hughes - Petition Starter
    89,202 Signatures
    Created by Sam Hughes
  • SOS: Save Refuges, Save Lives
    25/11/2014 SOS campaign success! Just four days after we handed in our SOS petition to Downing Street, the Department for Communities and Local Government has committed to a £10 million for refuges.
    39,375 Signatures
    Created by Women's Aid