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Successful Campaigns
  • Stop Suffragette statue being removed from Parliament
    Just a few days after we handed in our huge petition to Westminster Council, the planning application to move the statue was withdrawn! Sir Niel Thorne, the former MP behind the bid to move the staue of Emmiline Pankhurst from its historic home said: “we realised considerable pressure was being put on Westminster City Council, who’d find it more difficult to approve moving the statue.” Thanks to our pressure, Emmeline Pankhurst will remain by Paliament - thank you!
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    Created by Jacquie Hawkins
    24/04/15 'St. John's plans were pronounced "Dead in the Water" by church officials at Westminster. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. From the bottom of our hearts for all your wonderful help and support in SAVING ST. JOHNS CHURCHYARD FROM DEVELOPMENT!'
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    Created by Donna Collinson Picture
  • Save Putnoe Walk In Centre in Bedford
    Dear Friends, Have you seen the recent statement from the Bedford Clinical Commissioning Group? 17 September 2018 - Statement on Putnoe Walk in Centre Following consultation with residents, Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group and Partners at Putnoe Medical Centre have agreed a new two year contract to continue to deliver walk in services north of the river. Alan Streets, Accountable Officer of Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group said: "The public consultation showed resoundingly that residents in Bedford want to retain a walk in service in the north of the borough. We have listened and have agreed a new contract, which means that walk in services will continue to be delivered at Putnoe Medical Centre and run in tandem with the new Urgent Treatment Centre on the south wing of Bedford Hospital. We know that this will be welcome news to those who have campaigned to retain services and engage with us around the future of urgent care services in Bedfordshire." While the walk in service will be retained at Putnoe Medical Centre, the new contract will see a change in weekday hours. With the service running from 8am – 2pm Monday – Friday. Weekend hours will remain unchanged, operating from 8am – 5pm. This change in time is as a result of capacity issues at Putnoe Medical Centre, which has recently taken on more than 4,000 patients from recently closed practices. In addition to Putnoe, walk in and pre-bookable appointments will also be available from 11am – 11pm at the Urgent Treatment Centre at Bedford Hospital. Through the Extended Access programme, more than 500 appointments being made available in Bedford each week, and can be booked via NHS 111 and GP surgeries. The new hours for Putnoe walk-in Centre will begin on 1 October 2018. For more information contact or 01525 624440 --- This is fantastic news for all of us who have campaigned to keep a walk in centre in the north of Bedford. Thank you for your support these long months while we waited for the BCCG to see sense. Jacqui Liveston
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    Created by Jacqui Liveston Picture
  • Scrap the public sector pay cap
    21/03/18 Downing Street said officials who decide pay across the public sector had been told they no longer had to limit recommendations to 1% rises. A No 10 source said: “The independent pay review bodies will make their recommendations in the normal way. We have said as a Government that the arbitrary 1% pay cap is no longer in place.”
    273,071 Signatures
    Created by Usman Mohammed
    UPDATE - 12/01/15 - children’s community health services and the inpatient adolescent mental health unit in Bristol have, for now, been saved from privatisation! This is a massive victory for both NHS services in Bristol and the rest of the country. It shows what can be done when service users, staff, members of the public and councillors and MP's work together to hold the public bodies who make decisions about our NHS to account and let them know what we want for our health services.
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    Created by Nathan Williams
  • Save the Coasthopper Bus Service
    We won! It's been announced that bus services on the popular Coasthopper route along the North Norfolk Coast will continue to run.
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    Created by 765 Action Committee Holt Norfolk Picture
  • Don't risk water pollution from oil drilling on Leith Hill
    04/09/18 We Won! Wonderful news, Europa Oil and Gas, the company behind oil drilling near the Leith Hill beauty spot in Surrey, announced this morning it was pulling out of the site.
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    Created by Leith Hill Picture
    15/04/18 We Won! Further to your truly amazing support we've achieved a very positive outcome! The HUGEST thanks from Howard and I - this result would not have happened without you! Jim & Howard. A public inquiry called by the Secretary of State for the Environment Michael Gove concluded on 27th March with a formal agreement to restrict the amount of water Southern Water is allowed to abstract from the world famous chalk rivers Test and Itchen. The company has not only abandoned its longstanding plans for a £50 million pipeline that could have transferred up to 45 million litres of water a day from the River Test to the Itchen but has also now agreed to tight restrictions on the more limited transfer it had proposed at the start of the inquiry.
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    Created by Jim Murray and Howard Taylor Picture
  • DO NOT repeal the fox hunting ban
    We won! David Cameron did not repeal the hunting act during his time as a Prime Minister..
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    Created by Dave Babb Picture
  • Stop the privatisation of the Land Registry.
    UPDATE 07/07/16 The government have scrapped their plans to sell of the Land Registry Read more on the 38 degrees campaign here:
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    Created by James Ferguson Picture