Successful Campaigns

Successful Campaigns
  • Stop Suffragette statue being removed from Parliament
    Just a few days after we handed in our huge petition to Westminster Council, the planning application to move the statue was withdrawn! Sir Niel Thorne, the former MP behind the bid to move the staue of Emmiline Pankhurst from its historic home said: “we realised considerable pressure was being put on Westminster City Council, who’d find it more difficult to approve moving the statue.” Thanks to our pressure, Emmeline Pankhurst will remain by Paliament - thank you!
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    Created by Jacquie Hawkins
  • Stop planned changes to funding for women's refuges
    09/08/18 We Won! We won! Women's Refuges have been saved from disasterous funding changes. The government has listened to the hundreds of thousands of people who joined Women’s Aid, in calling to stop planned changes to how refuges are funded. We told Ministers that these disastrous planned funding reforms would have put women and children’s lives at risk. Refuge managers warned these plans would have “been the end”. We are delighted that the Government has acted; rent in refuges will continue to be funded through housing benefit, which is the very last secure form of income for our national network of services. Up and down the country survivors and refuge services are breathing a sigh of relief. Refuge doors will stay open for the women and children escaping domestic abuse who so desperately need their help. Domestic abuse refuges save lives. With on average two women every week being killed by a current or former partner in England and Wales, refuges provide lifeline. Our campaign is not over; our next battle is to ensure that the funding for the support refuges provide to a survivor and her children - from therapy to help with housing and finances - is secure. We hope you will continue with us on our campaign to win a sustainable funding future for these life-saving services. Read more here:
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    Created by Women's Aid
    UPDATE: 19/04/17 George Osborne has announced that he's quitting as an MP Read more here:
    195,230 Signatures
    Created by Diana Simkins
  • 7,564 Signatures
    Created by Jim Murray Picture
    UPDATE - 12/01/15 - children’s community health services and the inpatient adolescent mental health unit in Bristol have, for now, been saved from privatisation! This is a massive victory for both NHS services in Bristol and the rest of the country. It shows what can be done when service users, staff, members of the public and councillors and MP's work together to hold the public bodies who make decisions about our NHS to account and let them know what we want for our health services.
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    Created by Nathan Williams
  • Save Sidwell Street Exeter NHS Walk-in Centre
    Update: NHS bosses have announced our centre will stay open for the "foreseeable future" after this petition, taking to the streets, and the media got involved. Read more here:
    2,851 Signatures
    Created by Andrew Duncan Picture
  • Stop the 'Shape of Training'
    Final watered down report has been published. Thanks to the hard work of many groups and individuals the final report is far milder than the original.
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    Created by Benjamin Dean
  • Free tunnel access for emergency vehicles
    Dear Friends, Our petition presented to Merseytravel to allow emergency vehicles through the tunnel free of charge has been successful. I am pleased to see that common sense has prevailed, and that the right decision has been reached. Last year according to Merseytravel figures the cost to the emergency services was approx £185,000. Considering the constant cuts that threaten the emergency services this money can now be better spent supporting emergency services to the people of Wirral. Thanks Christopher Carubia
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    Created by Christopher Carubia Picture
  • DO NOT repeal the fox hunting ban
    We won! David Cameron did not repeal the hunting act during his time as a Prime Minister..
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    Created by Dave Babb Picture
  • Please save our dad from execution in Ethiopia
    WE WON! 30/05/18 British citizen Andy Tsege has received a pardon from the Ethiopian Government after almost four years on death row in Ethiopia. Andy has now been released from prison and is now with his family in Ethiopia. After four unbelievably hard years for on death row this is wonderful news for Andy, his partner and their children. The new Ethiopian government should be recognised for what they have done today. “I am so thankful that the pain and anguish my children have had to go through could now soon be coming to an end. Helawit, Yilak and Menabe have spent too long without their father and we are all hoping Andy will be free to come home to us soon.” Yemi Hailemariam, Andy’s partner
    141,490 Signatures
    Created by Yemi Hailemariam