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Successful Campaigns

Successful Campaigns
  • Keep the A&E department at North Tees Hospital open
    18/05/18 We Won ! Fantastic news, the plans to downgrade the A&E at North Tees hospital have been dropped. Thanks so much to the thousands of people supporting this campaign. This is down to people power! Victory tweet from our local MP: Read more here:
    2,211 Signatures
    Created by Tony Carroll Picture
  • No more rail privatisation - keep East Coast public
    16/05/18 - We won! Amazing news! Today Chris Grayling announced that he's bringing the East Coast railway line into public ownership! Together with you, we've been campaigning on this for months. We've warned against a Branson Bailout, told Stagecoach to stay away, supported Bring Back British Rail's legal case and kept the pressure up on politicians and the Department for Transport - and WE'VE WON! More here:
    33,240 Signatures
    Created by Cat Hobbs
  • Keep Bristol's parks advertising free
    16/05/18 - We won Bristol Council has agreed to roll back plans to put "large scale, high impact" advertising in parks after our public campaign.
    4,028 Signatures
    Created by Adblock Bristol Picture
  • Don't limit access to contraceptive services
    30/04/18 - We were successful!!! Thank you all for your support. The CCG commented that they had never received so much feedback before. Vasectomies will continue to be funded, and female sterilisation will still be available on the NHS when alternative long acting forms of contraception have been exhausted. There are still restrictions on IVF but the CCG has made concessions. I received great support from the Women's Forum of Bath Labour party, and I don't think this campaign would have been successful without their hard work. Protect our NHS Bath was also a valuable support. Thank you all for getting involved. We presented a printout of the petition to the CCG at their public meeting and it seems to have had a real impact. In the course of the campaign, we learnt that BANES has a funding shortfall of £6 million for the next financial year. I will continue to monitor threats to services and continue to campaign for transparency around a publicly funded comprehensive NHS, free at the point of delivery. Thank you all again. With best wishes, Maddy Piper
    659 Signatures
    Created by Madeleine Piper
  • Keep Jurassic Perk Cafe Open
    14/05/18 - We won: Jurassic Perk Cafe will stay open!
    2,212 Signatures
    Created by Nikki Fuller Picture
  • Keep PASNAS at the University of Southampton
    15/05/18 - We won... mostly. The University is retaining the pension scheme for existing staff, but new staff from the start of next year will not be eligible to join. The petition was an important part of the campaign and certainly made a difference.
    822 Signatures
    Created by Adrian Dolby
  • Release Brian Quail and Angela Zelter
    Update 25/08/17 We won! Justice was served both released from custody.
    4,458 Signatures
    Created by Gary Kelly
  • Stop making our NHS doctors into border guards.
    After thousands of us signed the petition, emailed, tweeted and called Jeremy Hunt and chipped in for hard hitting ad vans, the government announced it was scrapping the dangerous data sharing deal between the NHS and the Home Office!
    71,514 Signatures
    Created by Anna @ Doctors of the World UK Picture
  • Save the Coasthopper Bus Service
    We won! It's been announced that bus services on the popular Coasthopper route along the North Norfolk Coast will continue to run.
    11,030 Signatures
    Created by 765 Action Committee Holt Norfolk Picture
  • Allow Icilda Williams to visit her family
    02/05/18 - UPDATE: SUCCESS! The Home Office have CONFIRMED THAT ICILDA WILL BE GRANTED A VISA! THANK YOU so much to every single one of you who signed, shared and supported the petition and supported what is right - allowing a great-grandmother to visit her family again! YOU have helped achieve this wonderful result by using your voices, hearts and common decency - thank you. Please share the good news if you wish - we can show others that online activism DOES help get results!
    51,313 Signatures
    Created by Áine Freya Picture