Successful Campaigns

Successful Campaigns
  • Save Air Studios
    13/10/17 Fantastic News! - Basement Swimming Pool Application Dropped! To let everyone know that our neighbours have decided to drop both Appeals and both Planning Applications for their proposed basement development! We are so relieved and so incredibly thankful to all of you who have supported us over the last couple years. Every musician, artist, composer, client, music fan, engineer, producer, the local community, film and tv company, record label, other recording studios, local government, other government agencies, industry bodies and all our brilliant staff- Your efforts have played such a huge part in helping to get to this resolution. We cannot thank you enough! Currently there is nothing to stop new applications of a similar nature but if they do we hope we can count on your future support if required! We will of course update you all with more news as and when we get it. Again- thank you, thank you, thank you! You have been amazing AIR Studios
    12,812 Signatures
    Created by Jessica Learmond-Criqui
  • Save Cambridgeshire Lollipop ladies and men
    UPDATE: 12th January - Great news, our campaign worked! Cambridgeshire County Council have agreed to change their plans to cut lollipop ladies and men. Read more here:
    1,009 Signatures
    Created by Colin McGerty Picture
  • Give Us Back Our Bloomin’ Anchor
    01/02/18 THE ANCHOR IS BACK! We’re proud to say that the Deptford Anchor has finally returned, to resume its role as an iconic landmark. The petition is now closed as the wishes of hundreds of Deptford people have finally been honoured. Congratulations! WE ALL DID IT! Deptford Is Forever & The Deptford Society
    4,215 Signatures
    Created by Sue Lawes
  • Open up empty buildings in Bristol
    Thank you for signing the petition Open up empty buildings in Bristol, I have been contacted by Richard Drake of Julian Trust and have been informed that there is a new over-night shelter of 15 beds opening up. Training is available and starts this week Thurs/Fri, they need at least 28 people to ensure that the shelter can be open 7 nights a week. Here is a link to the web page for volunteering opportunities: Please email [email protected] if you are interested! Well done everyone for supporting the petition!
    12,846 Signatures
    Created by Elisha Hindley-Cupper
  • Don't take women out of politics A-levels
    UPDATE: 12/01/15 Campaign Win! The schools minister today announced that Feminism is to be reinstated in the politics syllabus and more women will be included in the course content! Read more here:
    42,099 Signatures
    Created by Lauren and Ellen
  • Stop the privatisation of the Land Registry.
    UPDATE 07/07/16 The government have scrapped their plans to sell of the Land Registry Read more on the 38 degrees campaign here:
    321,417 Signatures
    Created by James Ferguson
  • Save The Stables!
    We are pleased that last night Milton Keynes Council’s Development Control Committee decided that planning permission for new housing on our western boundary would be subject to a deed of easement, despite the site being carved up. Councillors on the committee talked about the value of The Stables to Milton Keynes and their desire to protect us into the future. The chair stated that the public attendance was unprecedented with over 200 supporters squeezing into the public gallery in a statement of solidarity. Support was also demonstrated through 875 letters of objection and a petition of more than 22,000. Members of the committee agreed that there remained a risk that residents would be subject to noise from the music venue or its site and insisted that the conditions be imposed on the new application. Thank you for all of your support.
    22,976 Signatures
    Created by Matthew Sanders
  • Save Good Hope Hospital
    Update 12/02/2016: We Won! The controversial plans to change surgery provision at Sutton Coldfield's Good Hope Hospital have been scrapped! Read more:
    2,346 Signatures
    Created by good hope hospital save good hope's local services
  • Keep 999 services safe in Leicestershire
    UPDATE: 21st December - Great news, our campaign worked! Leicestershire police have rejected the G4S deal! Read more here:
    3,439 Signatures
    Created by Karen Fowkes
  • Hands Off Northamptonshire Police 999 Service!
    UPDATE: 21st December - Great news, our campaign worked! Northamptonshire police have rejected the G4S deal! Read more here:
    3,324 Signatures
    Created by Peter Middleton