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Successful Campaigns
  • Theresa May: Don't force me to give birth without my husband
    We’d like to thank the 40,919 people who supported our campaign and signed our petition. It was an incredible amount of support for one small family and it has given us so much strength over the last year and a half, during which our lives have had to be put on hold while we fought the injustice of the inhuman 2012 “tick box” spouse visa rules. we are delighted to inform all our supporters that we won our first appeal on the grounds of violations against human rights. The Home Office then went against the judiciary and our widespread public support and attempted to appeal the judge’s decision. We are delighted to update all our supporters that permission for the Home Office to appeal was declined by a second judge as the Home Office had “no point of law” as the basis of their appeal. We have just celebrated our daughter’s 1st birthday and now my husband’s spouse visa is in place.
    42,100 Signatures
    Created by Marianne Bailey
  • USS must show its workings
    13/09/17 - Success! I'm very pleased to report that the University of Sheffield has decided to post USS's 58-page consultation document online, meaning it is now in the public domain. Many thanks for helping to bring this about! You can find the document as the bottom link on the page below. Please do have a look inside if you have a head for numbers. This is not the end of the campaign, as the document raises as many questions as it answers. Please continue to sign and share, as we will be sending the petition to the USS trustee board in time for their next meeting on 19 September. Many thanks for being a part of this campaign! Sam
    1,822 Signatures
    Created by Sam Marsh
  • Keep Florence Park Children's Centre open-access and community-owned
    23/09/17 - We won the campaign At Oxfordshire County Council’s Cabinet meeting yesterday, the Cabinet approved the Aspire community bid to take over the former children's centre building in Florence Park and turn into a community-led hub. This will enable the building to remain in public hands, and open-access to the wider community. Twelve people from across the local area spoke at the meeting, and their points were made strongly and clearly. The cabinet said that the Aspire bid demonstrated the strong community buy-in and support, which was crucial for the future success of any proposal. The months of work by many people won the day. Although this must be disappointing for Aflah Nursery, we are delighted they have been promised Oxfordshire County Council’s support to find new premises, and the offer to resubmit a proposal for transition funding for open access services. So a very big THANK YOU to everyone who shared this vision for a community space in our beautiful park. Work is already beginning on the next phase of this very exciting project! Best wishes, Candida March
    1,662 Signatures
    Created by Candida March
  • No Zip Wires in Glenridding - Ullswater
    13/12/14 - We had a great result & won the No Zip In Glenridding. After an open parish meeting, with Mike Turner of Tree Top Treks & Richard Leafe of the LDNPA being present to answer questions, there was a parish vote held. Mike Turner told us he would not go ahead if the parish did not want the zip wire. The vote was an overwhelming majority in favour of NOT having the Zip Wire instalation at the head of the valley. Good to his word, Mike Turner backed away & sent a statement that can be viewed here:
    2,534 Signatures
    Created by Charles Sproson Picture
    UPDATE: 19/04/17 George Osborne has announced that he's quitting as an MP Read more here:
    195,310 Signatures
    Created by Diana Simkins
  • Stop the Norwich skateboard ban
    21/04/2015 Following on from a 6,000 strong petition, skateboarders in Norwich rejoice as the council over-turns plans to ban the sport in the city centre
    6,858 Signatures
    Created by Sam Avery Picture
  • Request for a Tree Preservation Order for Mature Beech and Oak Trees on Coldharbour Lane, Dorking
    07/09/17 We Did it! I just want to say well done everyone, we did it! As a direct result of you signing the petition to protect twenty trees on Coldharbour Lane, Mole Valley District Council Planning Committee have voted to make the Tree Preservation Order which will be presented to The Forestry Commission in due course. Please do continue to sign and share, all additional signatures will be included with this achievement.
    2,111 Signatures
    Created by Sarajane Ferris Picture
  • Let Broadmead breathe
    07/09/17 Thank you! We did it. On Tuesday 6 Sept, Bristol City Council's Development Committee A rejected the car park proposals in Bristol Alliance's proposed redevelopment of Broadmead. This was as a result of our expressed concerns about air quality, increased congestion and access to the car park through Brunswick Square. The developers have been asked to go back to the drawing board and reconsider their proposals for the area to take these concerns into account. Your support of this petition has helped make the difference.
    881 Signatures
    Created by Charlie Bolton
  • Mooboo: pay your staff!
    The public pressure became too much and Mooboo will now pay all staff for every hour they work, whether trail shift or training.
    41,433 Signatures
    Created by Sarah Collins Picture
    This campaign and petition was picked up by Huffington Post - - which caused Pink Boutique, and other online outlets, to stop selling these products that belittle mental health issues. Congratulations Phil Hill!
    115 Signatures
    Created by Phil Hill