Successful Campaigns

Successful Campaigns
  • Protect small cider producers
    Thanks to your support we were able to hand in a petition with over 26,000 signatures urging the Government to back small cider producers. On 8th July 2015, the Government responded in its Budget. The Chancellor has announced that the Government will retain the current duty exemption for small cider producers. This is excellent news for real cider drinkers and small producers alike. CAMRA is delighted with the Government’s commitment and will now be working hard to ensure that they can keep the promise with a legal exemption in the EU Directive. Thank you for making this a campaign win!
    26,988 Signatures
    Created by Katie McKelliget
  • Fully Fund the first treatment for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
    UPDATE: 15/04/16 We won! Thank you for signing the petition Fully Fund the first treatment for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Due to your fantastic support today NICE announce funding for the first genetic treatment for Duchenne in the UK. Read more here:
    29,541 Signatures
    Created by Nick Catlin Picture
  • Stop the 'Shape of Training'
    Final watered down report has been published. Thanks to the hard work of many groups and individuals the final report is far milder than the original.
    7,806 Signatures
    Created by Benjamin Dean
  • save Glenfield children's hospital
    30/11/17 - We Won Great news! NHS bosses have decided not to end lifesaving children's heart surgery at a hospital. The decision follows a long campaign by parents of children treated at Leicester's Glenfield Hospital, charity Heart Link, MPs and hospital staff. If plans had gone ahead, East Midlands patients would have been treated at other centres further away. Thank you so much to everyone who signed the petition. Here's more news on the story
    10,407 Signatures
    Created by Teresa Aldred Picture
  • No more rail privatisation - keep East Coast public
    16/05/18 - We won! Amazing news! Today Chris Grayling announced that he's bringing the East Coast railway line into public ownership! Together with you, we've been campaigning on this for months. We've warned against a Branson Bailout, told Stagecoach to stay away, supported Bring Back British Rail's legal case and kept the pressure up on politicians and the Department for Transport - and WE'VE WON! More here:
    32,874 Signatures
    Created by Cat Hobbs
  • Save Good Hope Hospital
    Update 12/02/2016: We Won! The controversial plans to change surgery provision at Sutton Coldfield's Good Hope Hospital have been scrapped! Read more:
    2,344 Signatures
    Created by good hope hospital save good hope's local services Picture
  • Campaign to save RUH Hopper Bus
    UPDATE - 02/07/15 - A big thank you to everyone who signed our save the Hopper petition, a fine example that people power can make a real difference. The service is now safe until April next year, but we must keep a very close eye, to ensure that the service is funded in the next financial year. More here:
    1,989 Signatures
    Created by TERRY CHIVERS Picture
  • Please save our dad from execution in Ethiopia
    WE WON! 30/05/18 British citizen Andy Tsege has received a pardon from the Ethiopian Government after almost four years on death row in Ethiopia. Andy has now been released from prison and is now with his family in Ethiopia. After four unbelievably hard years for on death row this is wonderful news for Andy, his partner and their children. The new Ethiopian government should be recognised for what they have done today. “I am so thankful that the pain and anguish my children have had to go through could now soon be coming to an end. Helawit, Yilak and Menabe have spent too long without their father and we are all hoping Andy will be free to come home to us soon.” Yemi Hailemariam, Andy’s partner
    141,489 Signatures
    Created by Yemi Hailemariam
  • Save The Stables!
    We are pleased that last night Milton Keynes Council’s Development Control Committee decided that planning permission for new housing on our western boundary would be subject to a deed of easement, despite the site being carved up. Councillors on the committee talked about the value of The Stables to Milton Keynes and their desire to protect us into the future. The chair stated that the public attendance was unprecedented with over 200 supporters squeezing into the public gallery in a statement of solidarity. Support was also demonstrated through 875 letters of objection and a petition of more than 22,000. Members of the committee agreed that there remained a risk that residents would be subject to noise from the music venue or its site and insisted that the conditions be imposed on the new application. Thank you for all of your support.
    22,780 Signatures
    Created by Matthew Sanders
  • Save Sherdil, Shafiq, Izatullah And Others From Horrific Deportation to Afghanistan
    *UPDATE* on 10th March 2015 the Home Office devastatingly went ahead with the deportation of 32 people to Afghanistan. However- the amazing news is that 20 people were taken off the flight, including Sherdil, Shafiq and Izatullah!
    1,484 Signatures
    Created by Lara Farrell