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Successful Campaigns
  • Hands off Southend Accident and Emergency Department!
    21/07/17 - We Won!! CAMPAIGNERS have chalked up a victory over plans to downgrade Southend A&E. The Save Southend A&E campaign group has fought plans to turn Basildon A&E into a specialist emergency centre while downgrading Southend and Broomfield A&Es to take less serious cases. Reliable sources said the plans were widely expected be be kicked out today and Southend will continue to offer a 24/7 blue light service. More here:
    889 Signatures
    Created by Southend Against The Cuts Campaign
  • Defend our A&E at Broomfield Hospital
    21/07/17 - We Won! NHS bosses have announced they are scrapping plans to downgrade Broomfield A&E. We are obviously very pleased – this is a victory for people power' said Defend Our A&E Broomfield campaign coordinator Andy Abbott. 'It shows the importance of campaigning, of organising, and fighting back. Because if people in mid and south Essex had sat back and done nothing, these dangerous cuts to our A&E services would still be going ahead. So it's a big well done to the more than 30,000 people who have signed our paper and online petitions, and to the hundreds that have supported our public meetings and demonstrations.' 'However, the devil is always in the detail. So we await to see what the Success Regime's final proposals are. However at this stage it's a warm if cautious welcome to the announcement.' Read more at
    21,409 Signatures
    Created by Andy Abbott Picture
  • Guild Wheel: Ben Ashworth Way
    19/07/17 - We Won Got a result - Councillor up for it - Announced on radio that council are up for it
    3,092 Signatures
    Created by Graham Dixon Picture
  • Help us stop the government from splitting our family up
    UPDATE: We won! 15/07/17 Yesterday, Carlos and I went before a court judge to determine if we could stay here together in the UK. It was a strange morning as we prepared to fight for our right to be a family here! But it is with a huge smile that I can report that the judge overturned the Home Office's refusal to allow us to be a family and within less than 30 minutes not only had we finished his session but he asked Carlos to return to his seat and told him there and then that he would grant him Right to Remain!!!!!! Sanity, compassion and humanity prevailed yesterday :)
    1,383 Signatures
    Created by Caroline Coombs
  • Switch to paper cotton buds
    18/12/16 - We Won Due to this campaign Aldi, Asda, Boots, Lidl, Morrisons, Sainsburys, Superdrug, Tesco and Wilkinsons have all promised to switch to paper sticks! What a way to end the year. I'm so grateful to all the 38 Degrees members who got behind City to Sea's campaign and put pressure on our retailers to Switch the Stick. Your signatures, shares and social media action made every bit of difference ... the seas, rivers and coastlines will be a lot cleaner in the coming years thanks to you! Natalie Fee City to Sea -
    157,304 Signatures
    Created by Natalie Fee Picture
  • 329,300 Signatures
    Created by Lucy M Picture
    30/07/17 As a signatory to the petition “Stop the Shameful Deportation of Kentish Town’s Stoly Jankovic” earlier this year, you will certainly be delighted to know that the Home Office confirmed yesterday that Stoly has been granted leave to remain in the UK, with permission to work. In 2019, he will become eligible to apply for indefinite leave to remain. Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of his legal team, his MP Keir Starmer, and each and every one of you, justice has been done. To all of Stoly’s supporters locally, across the UK and even across the globe, this is the moment to say a huge THANK YOU and well done! 03/04/17 STOP PRESS: We have just had an update from Stoly's MP Keir Starmer, who has received written confirmation from Robert Goodwill, the immigration minister, that Stoly has been granted a 14-day stay of his deportation while he prepares his legal case. CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU to all his supporters who have signed the petition so far. This opportunity for Stoly to make his case is all thanks to you, and also to Keir Starmer, who has been working tirelessly and to great effect on his behalf. This is not the end of the road: there is still a difficult legal case ahead, and we will keep you posted to let you know how you can continue to support Stoly over the coming days and weeks. But for now, this has been a good weekend's work - well done, and watch this space! Neil Finer
    26,500 Signatures
    Created by Neil Finer
  • Save 200 year old Oak Tree at EATsgate
    WE WON! 30/06/17 We delivered a downloaded version of this petition to Case officer. The developers have resubmitted their plans and the tree is saved! They are now planning to enhance the area around the tree to enhance its vitality and vigour. We won this battle but fear there will be another in years to come...10 to be precise. More here:
    6,855 Signatures
    Created by Martyn Hancock
  • Close the dark-money loophole in campaign finance
    We Won! 07/07/17 Thanks to your pressure, we've pushed the UK government to change the law to end anonymous political donations! Back in February you signed openDemocracy's petition demanding to know who gave Northern Ireland's DUP £435,000 for lavish pro-Brexit campaigning. After openDemocracy journalists exposed this mystery donation, thousands joined our call for transparency. Under pressure from our investigation, Northern Ireland Secretary James Brokenshire last week announced the government will end anonymous political donations in Northern Ireland. But there's a catch... The new rules will not apply retroactively, and therefore won't expose where the DUP got all that Brexit money from. We aren't going to drop this.
    7,882 Signatures
    Created by Adam Ramsay
  • PANJABI on BBC Website
    UPDATE: 3/7/17 - We Won!! I would like to thank all and everyone who took part in this campaign. I really appreciate your keen support. The good news: BBC deserve a big round of applause as it has confirmed that the Panjabi (Gurmukhi) will be added to its website in October/November. We all will feel so proud when the Panjabi will be read by millions of Panjabi cross the globe, on BBC's website. We will keep in touch with everyone and each one of you via Panjabi press, radio and TV channels to discuss on going issues with Panjabi, here in UK and on its motherland. Please, please send your supportive views, suggestions and comments to: Every email will be appreciated and personally answered. Heartfelt Thank You to all, Kindest regards Shinder Mahal For and on behalf of Panjabi Vikas Manch
    7,613 Signatures
    Created by Shinder Mahal Picture