Successful Campaigns

Successful Campaigns
  • Sadiq Khan– Ban Hostmaker ads on TFL
    Transport for London has banned adverts for holiday let companies that take homes away from Londoners, following a successful campaign against the anti-tenant adverts by Generation Rent. New advertising guidelines will mean that any advertising that encourages removing homes from the private rental market will be banned from the TfL estate. The victory comes after over 8000 renters signed a Generation Rent petition asking TfL to drop adverts from short term lets company Hostmaker. In the adverts, Hostmaker told landlords they could increase their yield by 30% by ditching tenants and switching their properties to short term lets.
    8,445 Signatures
    Created by End Unfair Evictions Coalition Picture
  • Support Langton Matravers Parish Council to 'Declare a Climate/Environmental Emergency
    Langton Matravers Parish Council voted to declare a Climate Emergency and are arranging an open public meeting to create a climate/environmental strategy and make practical steps.
    22 Signatures
    Created by Collette Drayson
  • Don't raise the state pension age to 75
    A recent tweet from the DWP says this will not be government policy! But we'll be keeping an eye out to make sure, in the event of a snap election, plans to raise the pension age don't make it into any party manifestos.
    232,368 Signatures
  • Save our bees and bugs 🐝
    UPDATE: 25/10/18 Your support has helped gain concessions from government with the creation of a £60,000 fund to complete the mapping of pollinator habitat in England. Buglife welcomes this as a first step towards securing the future of our pollinators. This is real affirmative action in the battle to preserve the buzz of life. Once mapping is completed more resource will be needed to deliver the on-the-ground action to turn the maps into landscapes full of wildflowers for pollinators.
    30,416 Signatures
    Created by Paul Hetherington Picture
  • Stop Suffragette statue being removed from Parliament
    Just a few days after we handed in our huge petition to Westminster Council, the planning application to move the statue was withdrawn! Sir Niel Thorne, the former MP behind the bid to move the staue of Emmiline Pankhurst from its historic home said: “we realised considerable pressure was being put on Westminster City Council, who’d find it more difficult to approve moving the statue.” Thanks to our pressure, Emmeline Pankhurst will remain by Paliament - thank you!
    181,481 Signatures
    Created by Jacquie Hawkins
  • Don't scrap the pensions dashboard
    Pensions dashboard The government committed to getting the pensions dashboard off the ground. It means we’ll be able to keep track of all our pensions in one place, stopping us losing out on thousands of pounds. When news came out that the government was considering scrapping the dashboard, over 200,000 of us jumped into action. We signed open letters, emailed our MPs and our research, which proved how much people could lose without a pensions dashboard, was plastered all over the press. The government saw our messages in their inboxes and in the media - and yesterday they acted.
    199,467 Signatures
  • 177,238 Signatures
    Created by Mike Armitage Picture
  • 329,388 Signatures
    Created by Lucy M Picture
  • Save Legal Aid – Say No to Cut-Price Justice
    This campaign was a success! Well done to everyone who was involved - together we did it! After months of campaigning from 38 Degrees, Liberty and other groups, Chris Grayling announced that the right to choose a Legal Aid lawyer would not be taken away. This means that everyone will have access to a proper legal defense regardless of how much money they have.
    48,561 Signatures
    Created by Maura McGowan QC
  • Help Murray and others like him: Make medicinal cannabis available on the NHS
    26/07/18 We won!!! Home Secretary Sajid Javid said "cannabis-derived medicinal products" will be available "by the autumn" through the NHS system Announcing the changes, Javid said: “Recent cases involving sick children made it clear to me that our position on cannabis-related medicinal products was not satisfactory.” Thanks to the hundreds of thousands of 38 Degrees members who signed this petition, wrote to Sajid Javid, and pushed the government to make this important change to the law.
    242,159 Signatures
    Created by Karen Gray Picture