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Successful Campaigns
  • Save Barnet Breastfeeding Support Service!
    13/03/18 WE WON! Thank you for signing our petition. We have just received communication that we wanted to share with everyone. We are delighted to announce, that thanks to all your support, the Barnet Breastfeeding Support Service has been granted an extension for another 2 years! Thank you to everyone who shared the petition, signed the petition, attended the coffee meet up demonstration , wrote to your councillors and MPs and made noise showing your support for the service. It has been powerful and loud enough to get your voices heard and keep a vital service going for families in the local borough. A big thank you from us all! Barnet Breastfeeding Support Campaign
    1,661 Signatures
    Created by Natalie Wilson
  • Save Our Historic Setts!
    09/03/18 - We Won!! We are delighted to say that at the Council's Transport and Environment committee meeting on 9 March, the Council’s Strategy for Setted Streets and the full restoration of the Brighton Place setts were approved. It has been a long fight to have the 2016 decision to remove the setts from Brighton Place reversed. It is fantastic that the right decision was made to preserve this integral feature of the conservation area, which enhances the setting of the fine Georgian architecture. The approval of the Strategy for Setted Street strengthens the protection of all setted streets across the city. Thank you for all your support. We could not have done this without you. Best wishes Douglas Read
    916 Signatures
    Created by Douglas Read
  • Save the Number 27 bus
    We won! Following huge opposition to the withdrawal of the number 27 bus, Stagecoach has decided to keep the bus running![day]=&
    3,366 Signatures
    Created by Nicky Brennan
  • Save North Devon Theatres
    We won! The peition was presented to the council who decided to re-open the theatres! They said: "it is in the public interest” to reopen the theatres as soon as possible in order to “mitigate the negative impact on both the community and commercial theatre programme” Read more:
    9,726 Signatures
    Created by Helen Cooper Picture
  • Don't take women out of politics A-levels
    UPDATE: 12/01/15 Campaign Win! The schools minister today announced that Feminism is to be reinstated in the politics syllabus and more women will be included in the course content! Read more here:
    42,115 Signatures
    Created by Lauren and Ellen
  • Save Suffolk Specialist Support Centres (SSC)
    We won! - 27/03/15 This news was confirmed by Paul Senior, the Consultant who is heading the SEN changes together with Adrian Orr (Interim Director, Education and Learning). The notification says: "Dear Parent/Carer Following consultation relating to the future of SSCs being halted, I am now able to confirm that there will not be any changes to current provision before the end of the 2015/16 school year.'
    6,810 Signatures
    Created by Joanna Hammond Picture
    27/01/15: A victory! The prison plans have been cancelled. Here's Maggie's message from Edinburgh Women for Independence: "Thanks to all supporters, we have succeeded in our campaign against the super prison women! We look forward to supporting the Scottish Government in implementing the full report of the commission on women offenders." Read more here:
    3,446 Signatures
    Created by Edinburgh WomenforIndependence Picture
  • Make B&Q give a fair contribution for using photos of the Christmas Lights at 1 Longford Road
    B&Q have responded to the petition and made a donation of £8,000. Alex, Colin, Sarah and the rest of the team would like to thank everyone who supported putting pressure on B&Q to make a donation and of course to B&Q for then donating £8,000. The Daily Mirror who ran the B&Q promotion in question are also donating £1,000!
    3,770 Signatures
    Created by Jon Hubbard Picture
  • Save Carmarthenshire Disabled Childrens Respite Services!
    We won! 14/03/17 - The services have been taken off the list for cuts!
    2,429 Signatures
    Created by charlotte Scott
  • Save Ashcroft
    UPDATE! We won! The council have committed to funding Ashcroft and keeping it open. But we may have another fight on our hands to secure the long term future of the mental health unit, and may need a new petition very soon, directed at different commissioners...
    3,398 Signatures
    Created by james piercy Picture