Successful Campaigns

Successful Campaigns
    30/07/17 As a signatory to the petition “Stop the Shameful Deportation of Kentish Town’s Stoly Jankovic” earlier this year, you will certainly be delighted to know that the Home Office confirmed yesterday that Stoly has been granted leave to remain in the UK, with permission to work. In 2019, he will become eligible to apply for indefinite leave to remain. Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of his legal team, his MP Keir Starmer, and each and every one of you, justice has been done. To all of Stoly’s supporters locally, across the UK and even across the globe, this is the moment to say a huge THANK YOU and well done! 03/04/17 STOP PRESS: We have just had an update from Stoly's MP Keir Starmer, who has received written confirmation from Robert Goodwill, the immigration minister, that Stoly has been granted a 14-day stay of his deportation while he prepares his legal case. CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU to all his supporters who have signed the petition so far. This opportunity for Stoly to make his case is all thanks to you, and also to Keir Starmer, who has been working tirelessly and to great effect on his behalf. This is not the end of the road: there is still a difficult legal case ahead, and we will keep you posted to let you know how you can continue to support Stoly over the coming days and weeks. But for now, this has been a good weekend's work - well done, and watch this space! Neil Finer
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    Created by Neil Finer
    UPDATE: 19/04/17 George Osborne has announced that he's quitting as an MP Read more here:
    195,356 Signatures
    Created by Diana Simkins
  • Say NO to car parking charges in Moreton
    15/02/17 - Thank you for signing the petition Say NO to car parking charges in Moreton. We are delighted to be able to tell you that the Leader of the Council has 'U Turned' and scrapped his proposals to introduce car parking charges in our Town, and other towns across the Borough. This is a real victory for people power here in Moreton
    1,277 Signatures
    Created by Sarah and Pat - Pillar Box Cards & Gifts, Hoylake Road Picture
  • Stop Lewisham Council from forcing Millwall FC to leave The New Den
    UPDATE 27/1/17 We Won! Lewisham Council has scrapped the CPO scheme which would've forced Millwall FC and local residents from their homes. Thanks to all of you, plus fantastic coverage and support from The Guardian, the future of both Millwall FC and the local community is safe. Integrity and honesty won in the end. I can't thank you enough for your support. MILLWALL FC is safe and I can carry on disliking them now, as a Chelsea fan. 😀😀
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    Created by Maxine Foster
  • Switch to paper cotton buds
    18/12/16 - We Won Due to this campaign Aldi, Asda, Boots, Lidl, Morrisons, Sainsburys, Superdrug, Tesco and Wilkinsons have all promised to switch to paper sticks! What a way to end the year. I'm so grateful to all the 38 Degrees members who got behind City to Sea's campaign and put pressure on our retailers to Switch the Stick. Your signatures, shares and social media action made every bit of difference ... the seas, rivers and coastlines will be a lot cleaner in the coming years thanks to you! Natalie Fee City to Sea -
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    Created by Natalie Fee Picture
  • Save the art gallery at Edinburgh Royal Botanic Gardens
    Thanks to everyone who supported the campaign, Inverleith House has been saved from closure and will continue to host exhibitions.
    10,414 Signatures
    Created by Joyce McMillan
  • Ask the Mayor to support a UK HIV/AIDS Memorial in London
    8/2/17 - We Won! Great news this morning, the London Assembly unanimously voted to support us to establish a UK AIDS Memorial in London. A long way to go but this is a very important first step forwards. "Thanks to some lovely moving speeches from Assembly Members every single one was won over and it was voted for unanimously. A brilliant result and shows the campaign has real support here!" said Sian Berry. Thanks so much to everyone who signed the petition and especially to Sian Berry (Greens), Caroline Pidgeon (Liberal Democrats), Stephen Twigg (Labour), GMFA and 38 Degrees who paved the way for this to get this far. This is long over due, we must remember those 21,0000 British citizens who lost their lives, as well as all those worldwide. AIDS is not over. Many live with HIV and new infections are found each day. We must fight on together. London can one day stand proud with so many other cities worldwide, who already have built AIDS memorials. Please continue to follow us on social media: #AidsMemorialUK
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    Created by Ash Kotak Picture
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    Created by Lucy M
  • No more rail privatisation - keep East Coast public
    16/05/18 - We won! Amazing news! Today Chris Grayling announced that he's bringing the East Coast railway line into public ownership! Together with you, we've been campaigning on this for months. We've warned against a Branson Bailout, told Stagecoach to stay away, supported Bring Back British Rail's legal case and kept the pressure up on politicians and the Department for Transport - and WE'VE WON! More here:
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    Created by Cat Hobbs
  • Honour hero pensioner
    UPDATE 17/07/17 Bernard Kenny is going to be awarded a George Medal for his bravery
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