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Successful Campaigns

Successful Campaigns
  • Keep Greenhaugh First School open
    Northumberland County Council withdrew their proposal to close our school, along with their proposal to close many others in our area. With your help, we saved Greenhaugh First School!
    496 Signatures
    Created by Stephen Jopling Picture
  • Save the Windrush Generation - allow them to stay
    17/4/18: We did it! The voices of cross party MPs and the respectful but resolute demands of the Commonwealth Heads of State, together with personal stories in the press, finally all had an impact. The government apology and promised action were resoundingly good if tarred with shameful tardiness. But implementation is all and we should ensure that an independent body takes on the role of monitoring progress, highlighting problems and ensuring a voice for the people directly affected. Only then, will justice be done. Click here for more information:
    114,479 Signatures
    Created by Christine Trethowan
  • Opening hours to suit the community at Artizan Street Library
    After our well publicised local campaign, I am pleased to announce that the City of London agreed to extend the hours at Artizan Street Community Library. This is fantastic news! In addition to extending the hours the City will also now be trialling a Saturday opening slot for six months. From 14th May 2018 the new Library hours will be as follows: Monday- 8am-7pm Tuesday- 8am-5.30pm Wednesday- 8am-5.30pm Thursday- 8am-5.30pm Friday- 8am-5.30pm Saturday- 9am-1pm This really is tremendous news for the local community and it will now mean that this wonderful resource is available for even more people to use on a daily basis. Thank you to everyone who signed the petition and to the parents who came to the Guildhall last month to hand-in the petition. We couldn't have got this result without all of your support.
    115 Signatures
    Created by Jason Pritchard Picture
  • Invite all parties to join the election television debates
    22nd January 2015 - BBC and ITV have agreed to host leaders' debates with the leaders of seven parties - the Tories, Labour, Lib Dems, UKIP, Greens, Plaid Cymru and the SNP.
    50,007 Signatures
    Created by Kevin Robinson Picture
    15/04/18 We Won! Further to your truly amazing support we've achieved a very positive outcome! The HUGEST thanks from Howard and I - this result would not have happened without you! Jim & Howard. A public inquiry called by the Secretary of State for the Environment Michael Gove concluded on 27th March with a formal agreement to restrict the amount of water Southern Water is allowed to abstract from the world famous chalk rivers Test and Itchen. The company has not only abandoned its longstanding plans for a £50 million pipeline that could have transferred up to 45 million litres of water a day from the River Test to the Itchen but has also now agreed to tight restrictions on the more limited transfer it had proposed at the start of the inquiry.
    5,754 Signatures
    Created by Jim Murray and Howard Taylor Picture
  • Save Perrine A Beautiful Comtois Carriage Horse
    13/04/18 We Won! With amazing support we brought pressure to bear and achieved our aim. Thank you.
    3,582 Signatures
    Created by Anona Fenwick Payne
  • Protect 535 NHS beds in Derbyshire
    11/04/18 Great news! Thank you for signing the petition! We have won this skirmish! Derbyshire NHS managers are now saying this about plans to scrap the 535 beds in Derbyshire: ''The original STP made heroic assumptions about bed reductions - we are now remodelling these in the light of the population and other factors''. Paul Wood, the Southern Derbyshire CCG Chair Thank you and well done.
    4,986 Signatures
    Created by Peter Robinson Picture
  • Protect the rights of vulnerable children and care leavers
    UPDATE: 03/03/17 We Won! The government is set to scrap plans to allow councils to apply for exemptions from social care legislation in the face of continuing opposition: Previously we also won a battle to get this rejected in the Lords. Peers voted 245/213 in favour of dropping these terrible proposals. This petition signed by over 100,000 people was named twice in that debate! Congratulations everyone! Thank you for helping to get rid of this massive threat to children’s rights!
    108,073 Signatures
    Created by Carolyne Willow
  • Give Lawand a chance to communicate
    05/04/18 - Great News! Lawand can stay to apply for asylum. I wanted to share the wonderful news with you that Lawand and his parents and brothers have a victory to share. Our government was trying to send them back to Germany to claim asylum but the courts have granted Lawand leave to stay in the UK to claim asylum here. Thank you so much for signing the petition, sharing with your friends and caring about this child. Thanks too, to his amazing legal team. A beautiful poet, Mary Oliver, writes 'what are you going to do with your one wild and precious life?' Well, over 12,000 of us worked together to apply a little pressure and give a lot of encouragement and now the life of one persecuted family is changing and hoping for a secure future. Deep thanks to everyone. Their asylum process will begin in about 6 months. Meanwhile Lawand continues his education in British Sign Language and is flourishing. Esther Freeman.
    12,205 Signatures
    Created by Esther Freeman Picture
  • Open Night Shelters for Rough Sleepers - Brighton & Hove
    We Won! The issue was discussed at full Council in Brighton and supported unanimously.
    4,183 Signatures
    Created by John Hadman