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Successful Campaigns

Successful Campaigns
  • Defend our NHS Hexham Hospital
    We managed to get one of the main aims of our petition to retain Dr's in our hospital. We will continue to monitor any changes and if necessary we will act again to prevent any further downgrading of services to our local hospital at Hexham
    2,324 Signatures
    Created by gail ward
  • Save Stubbs Wood
    Update: 19/02/16 - We Did it! The local parish council has announced that the deal is done to take over the ownership of the woods from KCC and so the woods are now secure in public ownership for the forseeable future. I'd like to put on record my thanks to Sundridge and Ide Hill Parish Coucil for its support and bravery in taking on a new asset whilst embracing innovative ideas around managing the additional cost. Check out Sundridge and Ide Hill Parish council site for updates and if your interested to join, donate, or offer help to manage the woods. My Dog and I thank you all for your support. we are so grateful to you for getting involved and helping to produce such a fantastic outcome. I hope you come and vist the woods soon (even though they are rather muddy at the moment) Well done. Stu Blakemore
    2,084 Signatures
    Created by stu Blakemore Picture
  • Save the Windrush Generation - allow them to stay
    17/4/18: We did it! The voices of cross party MPs and the respectful but resolute demands of the Commonwealth Heads of State, together with personal stories in the press, finally all had an impact. The government apology and promised action were resoundingly good if tarred with shameful tardiness. But implementation is all and we should ensure that an independent body takes on the role of monitoring progress, highlighting problems and ensuring a voice for the people directly affected. Only then, will justice be done. Click here for more information:
    114,616 Signatures
    Created by Christine Trethowan
  • Full Ban of Sarahah
    20/02/18 - We won! Sarahah has been removed from both the Apple App Store and Google Play. It follows over 120,000 of us signing a petition, then thousands of us writing in to Apple and Google and posting on their facebook walls. First Apple took down the app, so we went back to Google and a few days later they took down the app too!
    121,657 Signatures
    Created by Eben Morrish-Croad Picture
  • Prevent the use of water cannon by police in mainland UK
    UPDATE: 15/07/15 - Theresa May announced today that she was rejecting the application to use water cannon! Read about our petition hand in here: Read more here:
    23,684 Signatures
    Created by Neal Parsons
    24/11/14: We've won! Together, 38 Degrees members and Spinwatch have persuaded NHS England to publish details of their big spending. Take a look here: And if you see anything unusual we could dig into.
    76,024 Signatures
    Created by Tamasin Cave from Spinwatch
  • Please save our dad from execution in Ethiopia
    WE WON! 30/05/18 British citizen Andy Tsege has received a pardon from the Ethiopian Government after almost four years on death row in Ethiopia. Andy has now been released from prison and is now with his family in Ethiopia. After four unbelievably hard years for on death row this is wonderful news for Andy, his partner and their children. The new Ethiopian government should be recognised for what they have done today. “I am so thankful that the pain and anguish my children have had to go through could now soon be coming to an end. Helawit, Yilak and Menabe have spent too long without their father and we are all hoping Andy will be free to come home to us soon.” Yemi Hailemariam, Andy’s partner
    141,474 Signatures
    Created by Yemi Hailemariam
  • Stop the repeal of animal welfare codes
    Update 08/04/16 - We Won! The government have backed down on their plans to change animal welfare codes. The government said it had reconsidered the move "in light of views raised". It said the current statutory system would stay in place, but that it would "continue to work with industry" to improve the animal welfare code system. Read more here:
    137,114 Signatures
    Created by Cas Smith Picture
  • Let Trump Baby Fly
    06/07/18 We won! The Mayor's office conceded that there are no rules prohibiting inflatables in Parliament Square Gardens, and that an inflatable effigy of a political figure does in fact constitute legitimate protest!
    10,598 Signatures
    Created by Leo Murray
  • Bournemouth Council Ban the plastic straw and single use plastic cups
    09/07/18 We Won!! Due to your support, I can confirm that the council has made the following changes: - Remove plastic straws from Council catering kiosks. - Council-owned catering outlets will use only plastic-free, compostable or biodegradable cups and stirrers. - Phase out plastic cutlery in Council run catering kiosks. - Introduce reusable cups in the Prom Café & Prom Diner outlets - Replacing plastic ice cream spoons with wooden ones in Council catering kiosks. In addition, the council are participating in the ‘Refill Bottle Scheme’ allowing visitors to refill their own bottle at Council run premises. In addition, the council will encourage catering contractors to do the same.
    1,288 Signatures
    Created by Samuel Almond