Successful Campaigns

Successful Campaigns
  • A knighthood for Tom Moore
    257,510 Signatures
    Created by Ben Blowes
    Great News! Dear Supporters Just to inform you that several flights have now landed with hundreds of travellers and our daughter is back home. Thank you to all who signed and shared this petition, to the MPs who pushed for this to happen, to the staff at the Foreign Office and the Peruvian authorities, to Zoe and Caspar whose daughter was travelling with our daughter and were tremendous in their support and help. It is a huge relief to us and I'm sure, all other families and friends. Thank you to 38 degrees for helping and empowering people like us in difficult situations. We are aware that there might still be people in Peru who have not been able to get on the flights. It's important for them to contact the British Embassy, to via help@fco Best wishes Pablo
    47,071 Signatures
    Created by Pablo Uribe
  • Wilko: don’t scrap sick pay
    Wilko scraps plan to cut sick pay for 21,000 staff!
    134,757 Signatures
    Created by Antonia Short
  • Public Ownership of Scotland’s Railway
    On 17 March 2021, Transport Secretary Michael Matheson finally announced that the ScotRail franchise will be brought back into public ownership from 1 April 2022, when Abellio's contract ends. Thanks to everyone who signed our petition, first launched the day after the Independence Referendum in September 2014. It has been a long fight, but we did it!!
    6,496 Signatures
    Created by Ellie Harrison Picture
  • Moving the Eye Pavillion to Livingston
    This is the thin end of the wedge for Edinburgh, we have already lost several health facilities in Edinburgh. Livingston is not accessible to the elderly, as it takes over an hour by public transport.
    6,739 Signatures
    Created by Ruby Suggitt
  • Stop Airport Expansion - Call a Public Inquiry into Leeds Bradford Airport
    STOP PRESS: This morning (10th March 2022), Leeds Bradford Airport’s Chief Exec announced that he has withdrawn the airport’s planning application. This is a victory for our climate and our communities. It means that the airport cannot extend daytime flying hours nor remove night time flying controls. As they said in their own planning application, this means they don't have the capacity to increase passenger numbers above 5 million a year. Here’s the key sentence, in the Environmental Statement at para 1.1.4: “The Airport is forecast to continue to grow over the next decade reaching 7 million passengers per annum by 2030, assuming that existing operational restrictions imposed by existing planning controls are amended through the current planning application.” Well that can’t happen now! Make no mistake, this victory is down to people power - you and the thousands of other people who signed our petition, took action, donated funds and never gave up hope that we can make the right choices today to build a better tomorrow for everyone. We will keep a close eye on what the airport’s Australian owners do next and we will act again if they try to break any rules that limit any rise in passengers above five million. We remain vigilant and ready to continue the fight to protect our climate and communities. But for today, we’re celebrating success! A massive ‘thank you’ for backing the campaign. The GALBA committee
    56,312 Signatures
    Created by Ian Coatman
  • British Gas - Reverse the Minimum Top-up Rise
    We won! British Gas reversed their decision to increase the minimum top-up amount for customers on pay-as-you-go tariffs. They’ve slashed the amount from £5 back to £1. This means people will no longer be forced to decide between spending their last £5 before payday on heating their home, or putting food on the table. And it’s thanks to the 91,000 of us who signed a huge petition, and thousands of us who spoke up and shared our experiences directly with British Gas. The 38 Degrees staff team met the British Gas CEO, and took these stories straight to him. Preet Kaur Gill, the MP who started this campaign on the 38 Degrees website, said: “This is a vital win for the thousands of people affected by British Gas’s decision to raise the minimum pre-pay top-up. I am so thankful to 38 Degrees and the 91,000 people who signed our petition. It would not have been possible without them.”
    92,395 Signatures
    Created by Preet Kaur Gill Picture
  • Don't raise the state pension age to 75
    A recent tweet from the DWP says this will not be government policy! But we'll be keeping an eye out to make sure, in the event of a snap election, plans to raise the pension age don't make it into any party manifestos.
    233,861 Signatures
  • Hull Paragon Station - keep the station accessible for disabled people! keep the gate open!
    TransPennine Express have reopened the gate!
    53,736 Signatures
    Created by Tracy Dearing