Successful Campaigns

Successful Campaigns
  • Save Coul Links protected nature (Loch Fleet Ramsar SSSI & SPA) from golf development vandalism
    The plan to build an 18-hole championship golf course has been refused planning permission by the Scottish government.
    92,055 Signatures
    Created by Andrew Weston Picture
  • Don't sell plants treated with bee-harming pesticides
    Update 16/11/17 We won! Homebase says it intends to end the sale of plants grown that have been treated with neonicotinoid-based pesticides by the end of 2018. They said: "We have been working closely with our suppliers and seeking advice from other stakeholders about the use of neonicotinoids and we have committed to stop using these insecticides on garden plants, as well as removing neonicotinoid-based garden care products from sale by the end of 2018." Read more here:
    136,291 Signatures
    Created by Martin Corbett
    24/11/14: We've won! Together, 38 Degrees members and Spinwatch have persuaded NHS England to publish details of their big spending. Take a look here: And [email protected] if you see anything unusual we could dig into.
    76,080 Signatures
    Created by Tamasin Cave from Spinwatch
  • Don't cut benefits for people living with disabilities
    Our petition was mentioned in a House of Lords debate, which managed to overturn the government proposal to abolish the WRAG group!
    104,923 Signatures
    Created by Natasha Fagelman
  • Stop Lincolnshire County Council cutting funding for local bus services
    UPDATE - 28/03/16 - We Won! We were planning a demonstration at the full council budget meeting, but 2 days before this, the Council announced it had received extra funding for the next 2 years for these vital bus services. I just want to say a big THANK YOU to all of you that got in touch, signed and shared this petition - I do not think we could have forced Lincolnshire County Council into a major rethink and change of heart, without your support. It shows that when many people stand with a united voice, change is possible. You can watch my speech at full council here from 7 mins - 12 mins
    4,156 Signatures
    Created by David Rimmington
  • Save our Wirral Community Health Project: BME Health Improvement Service
    We’re pleased to let you know that we gained 3,589 signatures as part of our petition and thanks to you our project has been saved for another year! So, thank you! That means, our vital service will continue to reach people from vulnerable and hidden communities who otherwise would not access support with their health and wellbeing. But it doesn’t end there. We still need your support. Plans beyond March 2017 are unclear. We want to ensure that Wirral Council continue to uphold its Public Sector Equality Duty and continues to commission tailored services to meet the diverse needs of Wirral’s BME communities.
    3,593 Signatures
    Created by Martin Gabriel
  • Save the National Wildlife Crime Unit
    UPDATE 1/3/16 - We won! The Government has announced it will continue to fund Britain's wildlife detectives.
    15,683 Signatures
    Created by Pete Warwick
    UPDATE! We won the campaign! Communities Secretary Sajid Javid slipped out an announcement backing down on the plans at at the Local Government Association (LGA) councillors' forum on 19 January 2017 You can read his full speech here: Specifically this bit “Today I can confirm that the localisation of Attendance Allowance is no longer being considered as part of the business rates reforms. I’ll be announcing further details on business rates reforms shortly. But I can tell you now that Attendance Allowance will not be included.” This is fantastic news, and thank you so much to everyone that signed the petition and emailed the minister to help put pressure on him. It looks as though Attendance Allowance is safe for now!
    132,788 Signatures
    Created by denise fellows
  • Please save our dad from execution in Ethiopia
    WE WON! 30/05/18 British citizen Andy Tsege has received a pardon from the Ethiopian Government after almost four years on death row in Ethiopia. Andy has now been released from prison and is now with his family in Ethiopia. After four unbelievably hard years for on death row this is wonderful news for Andy, his partner and their children. The new Ethiopian government should be recognised for what they have done today. “I am so thankful that the pain and anguish my children have had to go through could now soon be coming to an end. Helawit, Yilak and Menabe have spent too long without their father and we are all hoping Andy will be free to come home to us soon.” Yemi Hailemariam, Andy’s partner
    141,542 Signatures
    Created by Yemi Hailemariam
  • Save Air Studios
    13/10/17 Fantastic News! - Basement Swimming Pool Application Dropped! To let everyone know that our neighbours have decided to drop both Appeals and both Planning Applications for their proposed basement development! We are so relieved and so incredibly thankful to all of you who have supported us over the last couple years. Every musician, artist, composer, client, music fan, engineer, producer, the local community, film and tv company, record label, other recording studios, local government, other government agencies, industry bodies and all our brilliant staff- Your efforts have played such a huge part in helping to get to this resolution. We cannot thank you enough! Currently there is nothing to stop new applications of a similar nature but if they do we hope we can count on your future support if required! We will of course update you all with more news as and when we get it. Again- thank you, thank you, thank you! You have been amazing AIR Studios
    12,814 Signatures
    Created by Jessica Learmond-Criqui