Successful Campaigns

Successful Campaigns
  • Save Suffolk Specialist Support Centres (SSC)
    We won! - 27/03/15 This news was confirmed by Paul Senior, the Consultant who is heading the SEN changes together with Adrian Orr (Interim Director, Education and Learning). The notification says: "Dear Parent/Carer Following consultation relating to the future of SSCs being halted, I am now able to confirm that there will not be any changes to current provision before the end of the 2015/16 school year.'
    6,813 Signatures
    Created by Joanna Hammond Picture
  • NHS England's scorecard Denies Access to Treatment for Ultra Rare Diseases
    19/12/2014: Following the threat of a legal challenge by a 10 year old boy with Morquio, NHS England have announced that they are abandoning the scorecard and are going back to the drawing-board on their approval process. We are really pleased that the petition and threat of legal action has forced NHS England to develop a fair decision making process for ultra-rare diseases - thank you to everyone who signed.
    8,930 Signatures
    Created by Christine Lavery
  • Fully Fund the first treatment for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
    UPDATE: 15/04/16 We won! Thank you for signing the petition Fully Fund the first treatment for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Due to your fantastic support today NICE announce funding for the first genetic treatment for Duchenne in the UK. Read more here:
    29,505 Signatures
    Created by Nick Catlin Picture
  • Save Cardiff Alcohol and drug team
    4/3/15 update: We won! The Cardiff Drug and Alcohol Team has received another years' worth of funding.
    5,812 Signatures
    Created by Rhys John Picture
  • SOS: Save Refuges, Save Lives
    25/11/2014 SOS campaign success! Just four days after we handed in our SOS petition to Downing Street, the Department for Communities and Local Government has committed to a £10 million for refuges.
    39,375 Signatures
    Created by Women's Aid
  • Save Liverpool Libraries
    Success! Liverpool libraries are safe once again. Elysce's campaign and a “love letter” to Liverpool’s libraries from an army of major writers has been answered by the city’s council: all 18 of Liverpool’s libraries will stay open. Read more here:
    3,365 Signatures
    Created by Elysce Hastie
  • save the Spa grounds and meadow at shotley bridge
    04/03/15 Update: We did it! The council refused the application and respected the ancient woodland that we hold so precious. Thank you so much for signing.
    1,403 Signatures
    Created by Lynne Richardson Picture
  • Do not deport Wadih Chourey back to Lebanon
    UPDATE: 8/9/15 - We were delighted to hear that Wadih has been granted a 3 year visa to remain in the UK. Thank you for all your hard work on his behalf. Hopefully, the visa will be extended to a permanent status, so that the family do not have to suffer the stress of worrying about Wadih's future. Read more here: Read about the petition hand in here:
    81,185 Signatures
    Created by Yvonne Parmenter Picture
  • Defend our NHS Hexham Hospital
    We managed to get one of the main aims of our petition to retain Dr's in our hospital. We will continue to monitor any changes and if necessary we will act again to prevent any further downgrading of services to our local hospital at Hexham
    2,326 Signatures
    Created by gail ward
  • Say no to removal of Teaching Assistants
    18/4/14: After Michael Gove's suggestion that Teaching Assistants would be cut as part of a cost saving exercise, tens of thousands of 38 Degrees members showed their outrage by signing this petition. The subsequent Minister for Education (Liz Truss) ruled out any possibility of cuts to Teaching Assistants:
    175,894 Signatures
    Created by Cherryl Drabble Picture