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Successful Campaigns
  • save Glenfield children's hospital
    30/11/17 - We Won Great news! NHS bosses have decided not to end lifesaving children's heart surgery at a hospital. The decision follows a long campaign by parents of children treated at Leicester's Glenfield Hospital, charity Heart Link, MPs and hospital staff. If plans had gone ahead, East Midlands patients would have been treated at other centres further away. Thank you so much to everyone who signed the petition. Here's more news on the story
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    Created by Teresa Aldred Picture
  • Keep the 38 and 38A Bus Subsidy - Petition Closed
    We won! 29/11/17 Thank you for signing the petition. The 38 and 38A Routes are now off the danger list so the petition is no longer needed. The 42, however, is still at risk.
    256 Signatures
    Created by Jenny Matterface Picture
  • Save Breich Station
    24/11/17 - We won! I'm delighted to report that the Scottish Government have announced that Breich station is to remain open and could benefit from enhanced services in the future. Use of the station was reviewed as part of the Scottish Government’s investment into the Shotts Electrification project, with a consultation undertaken by Network Rail on behalf of Transport Scotland to consider its long term viability given low patronage. The 12-week consultation considered the views of relevant transport stakeholders, the local authority, trade unions plus the local community and their elected representatives. Transport Minister Humza Yousaf said: “The overwhelming response to the consultation was in favour of keeping Breich Station open. Not only that, many respondents wished to see more services calling at Breich Station to increase patronage. “Having taken on board the strong support for Breich Station, I have made the decision it should remain open. My officials are working with the ScotRail Alliance to see how we can increase calls at Breich to make it a more viable station which encourages greater use of rail.” Thank you to everyone who signed the petition and submitted objections. Not only has Breich been saved, but there is a commitment to provide a better service.
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    Created by Peter Caton
  • Prevent the closure of Everton Park Sport Centre in a deprived area in Liverpool
    Update 22/11/17 We won! Proposals have been made that the centre will go to others to manage so will not close
    69 Signatures
    Created by Sarah McKenna Picture
  • Release grant funding for new Metro trains now!
    22/11/17 We won! We've just listened to the budget with great interest and heard the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, say the words we've been asking him to: "we’ll fund the replacement of the 40-year-old rolling stock on the Tyne and Wear Metro at a total investment of £337million." We've checked with Nexus and it seems that our demands have been listened to - the funding will be a direct government grant and not the PFI deal we had feared. We'd like to thank all of you for signing our petition and helping to put pressure on the government to release this funding. This is a victory for all of you. We will be watching closely to understand the terms of this funding, and to ensure that it is delivered on time to give us the new trains we so desperately need. We will also be working with Nexus to ensure that new trains, when they do come, will be up to the standard we require. Announcement here:
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    Created by Alistair Ford Picture
  • Enfield L.A.'s policy to charge Severely Disabled adults for services they aren't even receiving!
    UPDATE: 15/11/17 We Won! We are delighted to inform you all that the proposal by Enfield L.A. to significantly, and unfairly, increase charges to many severely disabled adults has been abandoned! The following statement from the Enfield Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care was published in the Enfield Council Cabinet Agenda for their 15/11/2017 meeting: "I want to thank all of the local people and representatives who have engaged with and responded to the recent consultation on potential changes to the Council’s Charging Policy for Adult Social Care Services. Having listened to and considered the strength and breadth of views expressed I will not be bringing forward any recommendations for decision at this meeting." Thank you so much for signing and sharing our petition - we garnered 773 signatures and this was a significant reason why the decision was halted at the last minute. Your help has been instrumental in protecting the most vulnerable people in society but we are under no illusions that there may well be difficult challenges ahead. We are humbled at the power of can be achieved when people with empathy can stick together. Thank you for being involved. Simon Evans
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    Created by Simon Evans
  • Don't sell plants treated with bee-harming pesticides
    Update 16/11/17 We won! Homebase says it intends to end the sale of plants grown that have been treated with neonicotinoid-based pesticides by the end of 2018. They said: "We have been working closely with our suppliers and seeking advice from other stakeholders about the use of neonicotinoids and we have committed to stop using these insecticides on garden plants, as well as removing neonicotinoid-based garden care products from sale by the end of 2018." Read more here:
    136,220 Signatures
    Created by Martin Corbett
  • Dont build on Earlsgate Gardens
    20/11/17 We won Firstly thank you for signing the petition Don't build on Earlsgate Gardens, its worked. Its been announced today by NLC that they are withdrawing their application to sell and build on this piece of land #PeoplePower.
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    Created by Paul McCartan Picture
  • Stop cuts to IVF in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire
    We won! 18/11/17 Dear friends, I'm over the moon to have such a happy update for you all - the local CCGs have withdrawn their proposed cuts to IVF in Bristol and the surrounding areas. An amazing result! Thank you so much for getting involved in the campaign. More than 1,200 of you signed this petition, and 629 individuals filled out the consulation. 90% of respondents disagreed with the proposals to cut the age limit for women eligible for IVF to 30-35. Some of the comments that individuals left in the consulation are included in this report, and make for quite heartbreaking reading. As part of the decision to withdraw the proposals, the CCG noted their concern that "the risk of a legal challenge is high given the inequality in respect of age which will be exacerbated by this proposal". Too right! I've said it before and I'll say it again - nobody wants to go through IVF. It is a treatment of last resort for women and couples that can't start a family. Our NHS needs to be funded properly so that it can be there for everybody that requires treatment. Sadly, on the same day that we found out Bristol CCG have withdrawn their unfair plans, a nearby CCG (BANES) anounced similar cruel proposals to cut IVF. Please do fill in their consultation and tell them to stop targeting women and couples desparate to try for a family: A massive thank you again for your support. This simply wouldn't have happened without you all signing this petition and filling in the consultation. Kitty Read more about the Bristol plans being withdrawn:
    1,258 Signatures
    Created by Kitty W
  • PANJABI on BBC Website
    UPDATE: 3/7/17 - We Won!! I would like to thank all and everyone who took part in this campaign. I really appreciate your keen support. The good news: BBC deserve a big round of applause as it has confirmed that the Panjabi (Gurmukhi) will be added to its website in October/November. We all will feel so proud when the Panjabi will be read by millions of Panjabi cross the globe, on BBC's website. We will keep in touch with everyone and each one of you via Panjabi press, radio and TV channels to discuss on going issues with Panjabi, here in UK and on its motherland. Please, please send your supportive views, suggestions and comments to: Every email will be appreciated and personally answered. Heartfelt Thank You to all, Kindest regards Shinder Mahal For and on behalf of Panjabi Vikas Manch
    7,642 Signatures
    Created by Shinder Mahal Picture