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Successful Campaigns

Successful Campaigns
    27/01/15: A victory! The prison plans have been cancelled. Here's Maggie's message from Edinburgh Women for Independence: "Thanks to all supporters, we have succeeded in our campaign against the super prison women! We look forward to supporting the Scottish Government in implementing the full report of the commission on women offenders." Read more here:
    3,446 Signatures
    Created by Edinburgh WomenforIndependence Picture
  • Make B&Q give a fair contribution for using photos of the Christmas Lights at 1 Longford Road
    B&Q have responded to the petition and made a donation of £8,000. Alex, Colin, Sarah and the rest of the team would like to thank everyone who supported putting pressure on B&Q to make a donation and of course to B&Q for then donating £8,000. The Daily Mirror who ran the B&Q promotion in question are also donating £1,000!
    3,770 Signatures
    Created by Jon Hubbard Picture
  • Save Carmarthenshire Disabled Childrens Respite Services!
    We won! 14/03/17 - The services have been taken off the list for cuts!
    2,430 Signatures
    Created by charlotte Scott
  • Save Ashcroft
    UPDATE! We won! The council have committed to funding Ashcroft and keeping it open. But we may have another fight on our hands to secure the long term future of the mental health unit, and may need a new petition very soon, directed at different commissioners...
    3,398 Signatures
    Created by james piercy Picture
  • Fully Fund the first treatment for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
    UPDATE: 15/04/16 We won! Thank you for signing the petition Fully Fund the first treatment for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Due to your fantastic support today NICE announce funding for the first genetic treatment for Duchenne in the UK. Read more here:
    29,433 Signatures
    Created by Nick Catlin Picture
    24/11/14: We've won! Together, 38 Degrees members and Spinwatch have persuaded NHS England to publish details of their big spending. Take a look here: And if you see anything unusual we could dig into.
    76,035 Signatures
    Created by Tamasin Cave from Spinwatch
  • Save The Yorkshire Lass in Knaresborough
    01/12/14 - A message from Rachel: I'm absolutely delighted to announce that last week Harrogate Borough Council approved the nomination to formally list former public house, The Yorkshire Lass in Knaresborough as an 'Asset of Community Value'. See here: This is a small step on a challenging journey but feels like a giant leap in the whole process! Thank you soooo much for your support! YOU helped make this happen...
    1,437 Signatures
    Created by Rachel Auty
  • Save Our Public Nurseries Tower Hamlets
    8/12/14 - Thanks to all your support online and in person, at the petition signing events and protest, we were able to reach The Mayor Luthfur Rahman and the Cabinet, who on 3rd December 2014 announced that all 4 public nurseries i.e Queen Mary, Mary Sambrook, John Smith and Overland are to stay open!
    533 Signatures
    Created by Alicja Topij Picture
  • To fly the rainbow flag over County Council Building in LGBTQ history month
    23/02/18 We won!! The rainbow flag will be flown above Carmarthenshire County Hall this weekend following a row over the council's flag protocol. Read more here:
    749 Signatures
    Created by Andre Mcpherson Picture
  • Full Ban of Sarahah
    20/02/18 - We won! Sarahah has been removed from both the Apple App Store and Google Play. It follows over 120,000 of us signing a petition, then thousands of us writing in to Apple and Google and posting on their facebook walls. First Apple took down the app, so we went back to Google and a few days later they took down the app too!
    121,595 Signatures
    Created by Eben Morrish-Croad Picture