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Successful Campaigns

Successful Campaigns
  • Change Social Housing Banding For Domestic Abuse Survivors
    UPDATE: 16/03/16 - We won! Last night we heard the great news that Bristol council voted in favour of our motion. Survivors of domestic abuse in Bristol are now to be given top priority to be rehoused. Thank you all so so much for your support. Can't quite believe it, hasn't sunk in yet.
    2,378 Signatures
    Created by Mehala Osborne
  • Keep the Bank of Scotland 'Museum on The Mound' in Edinburgh open
    The campaign has achieved it's aim. The Bank has decided to keep open the Museum. Grateful thanks to 38 Degrees for facilitating the petition. Regards, Malachi
    1,492 Signatures
    Created by Malachi Malagrowther
  • Save Didcot's Amenities and Green Spaces on Ladygrove!
    UPDATE - 15/03/17 It's official - Didcot's Ladygrove Park is saved! No Tech Campus, no flats, no 50% gone. Yippee! There's still more to do to make sure its a permanent reprieve, but now is a time to celebrate and for me to thank you all for your support. So come down to the park and enjoy yourself - you've earned it!
    2,068 Signatures
    Created by Simon Hewerdine
  • Keep the Duke of Edinburgh's Award in East Sussex
    25/01/16 - We Won! Thank you for signing the petition Keep the Duke of Edinburgh's Award in East Sussex; it has been an extraordinary past 2 weeks, but 6,400 signatures, hundreds of emails, calls and messages and more than 10 radio, TV and news articles later and we have managed to stop the funding cuts to the Duke of Edinburgh's Award in East Sussex! Thank you so much to all of you that signed it, and for the support of friends and family in making this possible. I was the figure head for the campaign, but many people helped out behind the scenes in getting signatures and helping to manage the press, and 38 Degrees also kept in helpful, regular contact throughout. Whilst we have won this battle, I know that DofE is a soft target for cuts as a non essential service, and we must remain vigilant for the actions of the council in the future, however for now, this is a great success!
    6,488 Signatures
    Created by Daniel Manvell Picture
  • Stop the 'Shape of Training'
    Final watered down report has been published. Thanks to the hard work of many groups and individuals the final report is far milder than the original.
    7,803 Signatures
    Created by Benjamin Dean
    UPDATE: 19/04/17 George Osborne has announced that he's quitting as an MP Read more here:
    195,304 Signatures
    Created by Diana Simkins
  • Reject Plans to Demolish the Joiners Arms, Hackney Road
    12/10/17 - We won! The redevelopment must include an LGBT club for at least 25 years, councillors have ruled, in a landmark decision designed to stem the “shocking” closure of gay venues in the UK.
    711 Signatures
    Created by Peter Cragg
  • Save Alverstoke infant school's community cabin!
    UPDATE: 20/10/17 Dear Friends, Thank you for signing the petition Save Alverstoke infant school's community cabin! We did it the cabin is staying Again thank you all so much The friends of Alverstoke
    217 Signatures
    Created by Layla Mew Picture
  • Queensferry Crossing Community Walk
    02/09/17 Local schools and community groups were allowed to walk over the bridge.
    3,598 Signatures
    Created by What's Happening Community Projects
  • Stop Trump's state visit to the UK
    11/10/17 - We Won! Donald Trump's visit has been downgraded to a 'working tour'. He's not going to get to be a guest of the Queen and he's not going to get all the "glitz and pomp" of a full state visit. Read more here:
    43,282 Signatures
    Created by Sarah Stanbridge Picture