Successful Campaigns

Successful Campaigns
  • Public Ownership of Scotland’s Railway
    On 17 March 2021, Transport Secretary Michael Matheson finally announced that the ScotRail franchise will be brought back into public ownership from 1 April 2022, when Abellio's contract ends. Thanks to everyone who signed our petition, first launched the day after the Independence Referendum in September 2014. It has been a long fight, but we did it!!
    6,495 Signatures
    Created by Ellie Harrison Picture
  • Close down Penwern Puppy Farm
    We wanted the licence for the puppy farm to be revoked and it was 7 months after the petition was handed to the Council.
    18,587 Signatures
    Created by Jean Steel
  • Stop supporting BP
    It's been confirmed that after 27 years, BP’s sponsorship of the British Museum’s exhibitions has ended! This is a HUGE win for the movement for fossil free culture and everyone who has played a role in this campaign, including climate activists, culture campaigners, arts workers, youth strikers - and particularly those frontline groups directly impacted by BP that we were honoured to work with.
    79,348 Signatures
    Created by BP or not BP?
  • Halt salmon industry expansion around Arran!
    25/03/21 We are delighted to share breaking news that the Millstone Point salmon battery farm application has been REJECTED! The North Ayrshire Council Planning Committee has just concluded their discussion of the application by the "Scottish" Salmon Company; the councillors voted unanimously to refuse the proposal. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported on this long journey. There may yet be more chapters to this saga if the decision is appealed by the applicant; but for now we celebrate this momentous decision which rightly acknowledges the special qualities of this area and the vital importance of Arran's natural environment to our wellbeing and economy. With very best wishes, Russ Cheshire on behalf of all the Friends of Millstone Point.
    7,837 Signatures
    Created by Russ Cheshire
  • Pay the real Living Wage to Mitie Cleaners NOW
    We won! On Friday the 11th of October after more than 80,000 of us piled in we managed to get these cleaners the real Living Wage!
    83,905 Signatures
    Created by RMT Union Picture
  • Don't raise the state pension age to 75
    A recent tweet from the DWP says this will not be government policy! But we'll be keeping an eye out to make sure, in the event of a snap election, plans to raise the pension age don't make it into any party manifestos.
    233,861 Signatures
  • Hull Paragon Station - keep the station accessible for disabled people! keep the gate open!
    TransPennine Express have reopened the gate!
    53,737 Signatures
    Created by Tracy Dearing
  • Ban the import of hunting trophies
    10/12/21 FINALLY, A WIN FOR WILD ANIMALS After decades of campaigning and years of waiting, Born Free welcomes UK Government plans to end the legal import of trophies from hundreds of wild animals, shot for ‘fun’. Read more here:
    223,800 Signatures
    Created by Born Free
  • Reconsider Lizanne Zietsman's Visa Refusal
    08/10/19 - Great news! It is with great elation that I am writing this after my out of country application for a spouse visa has now been approved. Throughout this trying and stressful time we would not have had the courage or strength to continue the battle had it not been for the overwhelming support received by you all. I will be returning home shortly to my much loved home Arran to once again continue the life my husband John and I have built and will yet again be a familiar face in our wee shop 'The Sandwich Station'. The heartache experienced by seperation from not only one's home but the love of your life, soulmate, friends and community is one that can never be conveyed in words! I hope that we will all continue to stand together and fight for the countless others that have been placed in a similar position. Let us hope that in so doing we can lay the foundations for a society that is strengthend in bond and unity allowing people from all walks of life the freedom to love who they so wish, live where they are wanted but above all help build on the compassion that we all share. Many thanks to you all, let this be only but the beginning of a bright and beautiful future. Lizanne
    18,417 Signatures
    Created by Ruari Gordon