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Successful Campaigns

Successful Campaigns
  • Keep the Bank of Scotland 'Museum on The Mound' in Edinburgh open
    The campaign has achieved it's aim. The Bank has decided to keep open the Museum. Grateful thanks to 38 Degrees for facilitating the petition. Regards, Malachi
    1,497 Signatures
    Created by Malachi Malagrowther
  • Stop Trump's state visit to the UK
    11/10/17 - We Won! Donald Trump's visit has been downgraded to a 'working tour'. He's not going to get to be a guest of the Queen and he's not going to get all the "glitz and pomp" of a full state visit. Read more here:
    43,306 Signatures
    Created by Sarah Stanbridge Picture
  • Remove plastics from PG Tips tea bags
    28th February - BREAKING: we’ve just won! PG Tips have today announced that they are removing plastic from their tea bags. Because 38 Degrees-ers like you stood up to Britain’s biggest tea manufacturer, there will now be 10 billion fewer fewer plastic tea bags damaging our environment every year. PG Tips announces plans to remove plastic from tea bags:
    232,586 Signatures
    Created by Michael Armitage
    UPDATE: 19/04/17 George Osborne has announced that he's quitting as an MP Read more here:
    195,303 Signatures
    Created by Diana Simkins
  • Mooboo: pay your staff!
    The public pressure became too much and Mooboo will now pay all staff for every hour they work, whether trail shift or training.
    41,455 Signatures
    Created by Sarah Collins Picture
  • Switch to paper cotton buds
    18/12/16 - We Won Due to this campaign Aldi, Asda, Boots, Lidl, Morrisons, Sainsburys, Superdrug, Tesco and Wilkinsons have all promised to switch to paper sticks! What a way to end the year. I'm so grateful to all the 38 Degrees members who got behind City to Sea's campaign and put pressure on our retailers to Switch the Stick. Your signatures, shares and social media action made every bit of difference ... the seas, rivers and coastlines will be a lot cleaner in the coming years thanks to you! Natalie Fee City to Sea -
    157,410 Signatures
    Created by Natalie Fee Picture
  • Don't cut benefits for people living with disabilities
    Our petition was mentioned in a House of Lords debate, which managed to overturn the government proposal to abolish the WRAG group!
    104,917 Signatures
    Created by Natasha Fagelman
  • National Express: Racist?
    Update 22/02/17 National Express met with the victim and committed to reviewing their training procedures. Marvin Rees, now our elected mayor, was involved and oversaw the relationship with National Express. Thank you to everyone involved.
    6,573 Signatures
    Created by Katie Finnegan-Clarke Picture
  • Stop spraying Monsanto glyphosates on Bristol's streets and parks.
    UPDATE: Bristol Council have responded to our concerns and are trialling using non-toxic pesticides for a year instead of Glyphosate!
    7,324 Signatures
    Created by Zaheer Mamon
  • Refugees Welcome in East Renfrewshire
    UPDATE: 18/09/15 Great news! BARRHEAD’S local authority has pledged to house up to 50 refugee families. Read more here:
    159 Signatures
    Created by Graeme Arnott Picture