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Successful Campaigns
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    Created by David Reynolds Picture
  • No more rail privatisation - keep East Coast public
    16/05/18 - We won! Amazing news! Today Chris Grayling announced that he's bringing the East Coast railway line into public ownership! Together with you, we've been campaigning on this for months. We've warned against a Branson Bailout, told Stagecoach to stay away, supported Bring Back British Rail's legal case and kept the pressure up on politicians and the Department for Transport - and WE'VE WON! More here:
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    Created by Cat Hobbs
  • Keep Profit Out Of Child Protection
    UPDATE: 20/06/14 After thousands signed this petition and wrote to the government, proposals to allow local authorities in England to privatise child protection services have been abandoned! More here:
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    Created by Chloë Darlington
  • Michael Gove: Don't scrap climate change education
    Brilliant news - Michael Gove has abandoned his plans to drop climate change from the curriculum! And the papers are reporting that it was the “widespread support” for our campaign that persuaded him to change his mind. As a teacher, it means so much to me to know that young people will have the opportunity to understand climate change and how it will affect their lives. It’s only by educating children about what their future will look like that we can give them the chance to shape it for the better. The outpouring of support for our campaign was incredible. More than 37,000 of us came together with campaigners from the UK Youth Climate Coalition and People & Planet. We signed petitions, wrote letters and took our campaign right to Gove’s Department for Education. Thank you so much to everyone who stood with me to do this. It couldn’t have happened without you.
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    Created by Margaret Hunter
  • Save Legal Aid – Say No to Cut-Price Justice
    This campaign was a success! Well done to everyone who was involved - together we did it! After months of campaigning from 38 Degrees, Liberty and other groups, Chris Grayling announced that the right to choose a Legal Aid lawyer would not be taken away. This means that everyone will have access to a proper legal defense regardless of how much money they have.
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    Created by Maura McGowan QC
  • Stop Privatisation of The Land Registry
    14/07/14 Great news! The government have scrapped their plans to privatise the Land Registry. What's more, 38 Degrees members' campaigning alongside high street solicitors, unions and MPs had a major impact on this outcome. So well done to everyone involved, we've saved another of our public services from privatisation! Hurrah!
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    Created by James Ferguson Picture
  • Do not deport Wadih Chourey back to Lebanon
    UPDATE: 8/9/15 - We were delighted to hear that Wadih has been granted a 3 year visa to remain in the UK. Thank you for all your hard work on his behalf. Hopefully, the visa will be extended to a permanent status, so that the family do not have to suffer the stress of worrying about Wadih's future. Read more here: Read about the petition hand in here:
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    Created by Yvonne Parmenter Picture
  • Invite all parties to join the election television debates
    22nd January 2015 - BBC and ITV have agreed to host leaders' debates with the leaders of seven parties - the Tories, Labour, Lib Dems, UKIP, Greens, Plaid Cymru and the SNP.
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    Created by Kevin Robinson Picture
  • Allow all HM Armed Forces Veterans to claim for Asbestos Related Lung Disease (Mesothelioma)
    Update 01/03/16 - SUCCESS! - Settlement Announced for All Veterans: Since the Campaign started in October 2015, the Government has committed: £350,000,000 funding committed for 2,500 Armed Forces Veterans – Many thanks! Good reason has prevailed Veterans now treated equitably with civilians The Armed Forces Covenant’s Principles thoroughly applied; brilliant!
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    Created by Len Lambe
    UPDATE! We won the campaign! Communities Secretary Sajid Javid slipped out an announcement backing down on the plans at at the Local Government Association (LGA) councillors' forum on 19 January 2017 You can read his full speech here: Specifically this bit “Today I can confirm that the localisation of Attendance Allowance is no longer being considered as part of the business rates reforms. I’ll be announcing further details on business rates reforms shortly. But I can tell you now that Attendance Allowance will not be included.” This is fantastic news, and thank you so much to everyone that signed the petition and emailed the minister to help put pressure on him. It looks as though Attendance Allowance is safe for now!
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    Created by denise fellows