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To: Politicians in the 4 nations of the UK

Give adopted children an equal chance at school

Not all children have an equal start in life. The early years of adopted children have often been blighted by neglect and abuse and they are coming to school too hurt to learn. Many are failing academically and their behaviour is often disrupting school life for everyone. They are 20 times more likely to be excluded than their peers.

We want governments to work with educators and families to ensure that schools are able to meet the challenge of educating these highly vulnerable children.

Let's give adopted children an equal chance at school. Pledge your support for an #equalchance by signing the Equal Chance petition.

We will deliver this petition to politicians across the 4 nations of the UK.

Why is this important?

Adoption UK's members have contacted us in their thousands to tell us about their children's struggles at school.

Almost 70% of adoptive parents say their child's progress is hindered by their poor emotional state at school. Nearly 80% of adopted children say they are routinely confused and worried at school, and two thirds of secondary aged children say they are being bullied at school because they are adopted.

And it's not just adopted children who face these challenges - we know that this is the daily reality for up to half the children in every classroom who have had traumatic experiences - from living in care to family breakdown to bereavement.

This is bad news for children, for their families, for teachers and for school results.

If we re-think the way we’re educating adopted children, we can vastly improve their life chances. And even better: the changes we make can benefit every child in school.

We want an equal chance for adopted children at school - and for all children who have suffered traumatic experiences in their early years.

Add your name to support the call for an #equal chance. The louder we are, the more likely we will be heard.




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