To: The Prime Minister

Suspension of arms sales to Saudi Arabia

Suspension of arms sales to Saudi Arabia

Issue orders and regulations which ban arms sales by any UK business, corporate entity or other private entity to Saudi Arabia while the famine in the Yemen continues.

Why is this important?

In Yemen the epidemic of cholera is killing one child every 10 minutes and the death rate will increase. The war with Saudi Arabia prevents the deployment by external charities of medical and food supplies. The ban is intended to demonstrate that the British people hold Saudi Arabia responsible for the worsening situation. Britain shares this responsibility through arms deals and the situation brings discredit on our people on an historic scale. The people must express their horror of this situation.


2017-08-25 22:54:58 +0100

More horror today. In BBC headline news tonight, lots more children are killed in Saudi air attacks on a Yemeni town as the pointless war against the defenceless continues. What has to happen to end the terror? Answer: some action by the UK government!
A first step has to be the UK's suspension of arms sales to the Saudis, in order to send the message that we don't want British made and supplied arms used for the purpose of terrorising Yemeni families.
This petition needs to get the accelerated support that would lead to the parliament that we elected, and should therefore act in our name, using its voice to express its horror that our planes, guns and bombs are being used to slaughter women and children.
Remaining silent, we can expect to be accused of supporting the actions of a villainous regime.
Many thanks to all who have supported the petition so far.

2017-08-22 22:14:31 +0100

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2017-08-22 18:47:01 +0100

Reaping what we sow, tonight the crisis in Yemen intensifies, with BBC broadcasting predictions of cholera casualties rising to the levels now expected to be reached within three or four months. Stopping the war and letting in medical teams to drive down the rate of spread of cholera is so obviously needed. Tune in this evening to BBC news to get see where we are. Our petition is a cry for help on behalf of over 500,000 children.
Don't delay signing and using every means to spread the word to personal contacts. The British Government must stop the bombing and get the medical aid in, now!

2017-07-31 11:10:02 +0100

A catastrophe unfolds.

Today, 31st July 2017, the media proclaim the inadequacy of the UK response to the Yemen war and disease disaster. On BBC's Woman's hour we have heard in the words of a desperate Yemeni hospital doctor, how for huge numbers of children, already victims of cholera, the prospects of survival are minimal.

The figure of £3.3 billion of arms sales to Saudi Arabia, dwarfs the value of the aid we fund, which in the circumstances seems to be a futile gesture.

The gesture that would be effective, would be the immediate cessation of arms sales to Saudi Arabia. We need to get this petition of the ground right now. Every hour's delay, means continuance of the disaster we, the UK, will be implicated in, as promoters of war.

Voting now, for this petition, can be instrumental in changing the mind of government towards a more merciful view of a calamity that is unfolding in full view of the world.

2017-07-27 06:52:40 +0100

A big thank you to all those signing. Please share with friends via twitter, facebook or email.
At this early stage of the campaign petition, we need to harness every possible means of getting the message to those you know with extended contact lists. The Independent has published images showing both the extensive destruction taking place as well as the desperate plight of victims of cholera getting at best minimal medical attention and treatment.

2017-07-26 10:20:27 +0100

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2017-07-25 16:50:37 +0100

According to yesterdays Independent, an estimated 600,000 Yemeni people will now contract cholera. Given the war zone conditions of life there, the death rate especially among children will inevitably rise. The United Kingdom needs to put pressure on Saudi Arabia to suspend its military operations, where these prevent the international aid agencies deploying their resources of life saving medical and food supplies. UK arms sales can only help sustain the Saudi war effort, and provide UK endorsement of the Saudi government's aims.
PLEASE sign the petition and canvas support for the petition among your friends and associates.

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2017-07-21 20:20:00 +0100

Have launched this campaign, today Friday 21st July 2017.
My circle of email contacts is limited, so adding larger networks of contacts, as you may have, will be much appreciated.