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Swimming pool for Bridgwater so that every one can access it

Swimming pool for Bridgwater so that every one can access it

A swimming pool for our community that is suitable for all different kind of needs to be able to enjoy the water and freely use it as it help's us to have our own in dependents, that will benefit us all, and bring our community together.

Why is this important?

Its very important to have a pool that is suitable for all and to have a friendly environment that is taylor made for all abilities, a pool that young children and all ages with or with out a disability can stand or sit down independent with out being held at all times, its important for people to gain confidence by them self, sense of accomplishment, boost their confidence, relaxation for people with a disability is very important and to be able to use a pool that is suitable for them has many great benefits. also at the same time mixing with all kinds of people, with out being segrated,swimming as a recreational activity leaves you with a positive feeling which improves your mental health, individuals with disabilities can get more health benefis by being physically active, even though I believe evey one is unique, people with disabilities are limited in opportunities to be as physically active as people with out. allso I strongly believe its as much as important for young children to be able to stand in the water independently, and walk freely around. it will bring visitors and those who vist here from around to want to use our pool, as the pool we have now is not suitable for all to use in a freely independent way, as the shallowest end is 1meter high therefore no where suitable for some one who is under that height to use the pool independenly , its important for people to enter a pool unaided for confidence building.

Bridgwater TA6

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Reasons for signing

  • This is very important for the town, the current pool has quite limited timings. Splash was a wonderful facility used by those of all abilities. Even a Lido would be well used and a great day out in the holidays for young people and families.
  • It might be relaxing 😎
  • A very good cause


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