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To: Cameron McClean - UK Head of Paypal

Tell Paypal to allow Palestinians to use their services.

Tell Paypal to allow Palestinians to use their services.

To give Palestinians who live in the occupied territories the right to use Paypal.

Why is this important?

The inability to use Paypal's global electronic money transfer system, is hindering the progress of Palestinian owned businesses to exploit markets necessary to their healthy growth, in an location where this is vital. They should have the right to compete on a more even footing with Israeli settlers who suffer no such restrictions.

Reasons for signing

  • I am deaf and use british sign language. I support Palestine and Palestinian. Recently Paypal service banned my paypal service because I was argue fight them about refund claim. Paypal service is hypocrite and idiot.
  • Human Rights are about equality. Discrimination by PayPal in this situation is an exercise in inequality, and so contravenes Human Rights. If illegal settlers (illegal occupation of Palestinian land as described under UN statute) are allowed to use PayPal, then why can't legal citizens of their own land?
  • The people across Palestine and the West Bank have just as rights to use PayPal as anyone. It's called a Human Right !!


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