To: Grant Shapps MP - Minister for Housing & Local Government

Tenants of rented accommodation; 'second class citizens?'

Tenants of rented accommodation; 'second class citizens?'

I would like Grant Shapps to bring forth effective policies to protect 'tenants in rented accommodation' - in particular, those in private rented accommodation. though generally including council tenants also.

Why is this important?

I am one of those unfortunate people who - through no direct fault of their own - have 'lost their home'. For over 'fourteen years' (following on from buying our house/10 years) we have rented 'four' different houses. All of them - particularly the first 'three' came with a bizarre range of difficulties and problems culminating with us having to up- sticks and move on to somewhere less troubled! Our problems included immense noise problems, drug busts by the police to our immediate neighbours, racist remarks, drunkenness, barking dogs, failure of landlord to hold to the Tenancy agreement, theft, anti social behaviour: and blatant promises (by Estate Agents) of improvements that never materialised and so on. (I have detailed documentation on most of these difficulties).
I often feel that renting tenants (particularly 'private' tenants) are 'used' primarily to pay the mortgage on the landlords second, third (etc) house but with 'nothing' in return beside broken promises and a very 'poor' service all round!
The TV channels are currently running repetitive adverts on 'landlords insurance' but nothing is seen about the much needed 'tenants insurance'; this insurance should be included as a part of the rental agreement.
I have often been made to feel like a second class citizen with little or no rights on many occasions. Surely, even if only to attempt to bridge the increasing gap (chasm) between the haves and the have-nots'- their should be made available a strict set of rules for 'landlords'. Rules which would protect tenants, provide us with a fair say on renting issues without the fear of reprisals or evictions, and to discontinue the poor practise of 'money for nothing' for bad landlords.

How it will be delivered

In person to the House of Commons or by Royal Mail Special Delivery: I will also send copies to various local and national newspapers.......

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Reasons for signing

  • Also, as tenant are charged rent, all the rent above the rental value of the building alone, perceived by the Landlord [&mortgage bankers] should b taxed progressively & heavily @ the top, so that no tax based on location (or 4 any publicly funded service [utilities connections, fixed charges, TV Licence, ...]) should fall on the tenant; the building part of rent (~= social rent level), include the value of the building (excluding the land) & the costs of its maintenance.
  • UK and/or English laws on tenants & landlords has never been compatible with International Human Rights Laws. See this petition at too. And after looking at the video link, check out for Article 11 of the Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, at


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