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Thomson Holidays - Select Your Seat Tax

Thomson Holidays - Select Your Seat Tax

We would like Thomson Holidays to stop scaremongering families into paying the 'Select Your Seat Tax' to guarantee they can sit together.

Thomson Holidays have been telling families the CAA guidelines say, "A child under the age of 12 will sit next to at least one adult on the booking" ...and then following this with, "Seats together can not be guaranteed unless you pay EXTRA".

The CAA guidelines actually say, "The seating of children close by their parents or guardians should be the aim of airline seat allocation procedures".

Thomson Holidays #SelectYourSeat procedure does NOT aim to sit families together!

This 'Friends and Family Tax' needs to be abolished.

Why is this important?

Although it is just plain right rude to split a family up at the beginning of their family holiday it also causes safety issues for fellow passengers and stress to the parents travelling with children.

Thomson Holidays #SelectYourSeat procedure puts profit before a child's welfare!

Reasons for signing

  • If you don't pre book and pay the extra they don't seem to make much effort to seat people together. On my previous recent flight with this airline I was actually wondering if they were deliberately giving random seats to those who had not pre booked.
  • I'm fed up with this its a scam.!!!
  • because its immoral...why should you be separated from your loved ones ? Try being upfront with paying customers Thomsons or ship out...


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