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To: The government

To ban Alcohol consumption in the Scottish parliment

To ban Alcohol consumption in the Scottish parliment

I would like to ban the subsidised sale and consumption of Alcohol in the Scottish Parliament and any Government building.

Why is this important?

I feel that in todays climate it is totally unacceptable that we the public should subsidise the consumption of Alcohol in government buildings at a time when everyones belts are having to be tightened, I work in a zero tolerance industry where we cannot drink alcohol along with many other hard working taxpayers while on duty therefore if the Scottish government feel so strongly about driving up the minimum Alcohol price for health reasons they should lead by example and look closer to home. to that end we should ban the sale and consumption of Alcohol totally in government buildings.


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Reasons for signing

  • For the same reasons outlined re "Why is this important". They should lead by example and stop spending our hard earned cash.
  • The Parliament building is supposed to be a place of WORK, not for socialising and partying, especially at the expense of taxpayers. Any other workplace would sack employees for drinking during working hours.
  • Nothing to do with alcohol consumption just another way of raising taxes.


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