To: Torbay Council

Torbay about to Fleece Disabled people - Will your council do the same?

To please stop pursuing the disabled and poor with these working age council tax hikes up to 75%.

Why is this important?

If Torbay council can get this through, then every council in the land will be punishing the disabled and poor families, for being poor.

What is being proposed?

They are proposing to make ten changes that are listed below to the current scheme from 1 April 2017:

Reducing the maximum level of support to 55% of the council tax charge
Restrict the maximum level of support to the equivalent of a band C property charge
Savings limit of £3,000
Removal of the family premium
Reducing backdating for new claims to one month
Basing the reduction on a set minimum income for self-employed earners after one year’s self-employment
Reducing the period a person can be absent from Great Britain and still receive a reduction to four weeks
Removing the work related activity component for new ESA applicants
Limiting the number of dependent children within the calculation to a maximum of two
Removing entitlement to Severe Disability Premium where another person is paid Universal Credit (Carers Element)

The last one is really poisonous, remove entitlement to Carers!!!
Please spread this story, you never know when you may be struggling with sickness.

Thank you for your time.