To: Nurses, GPS, doctors, nursery nurses, social workers, firefighters, police officers and teachers

Train key workers and nurseries on autism

Train key workers and nurseries on autism

To have standardised training on autism and strategies to assist practitioners who come in to contact with people with autism.
To raise awareness of autism and the challenges someone with autism may face.

Why is this important?

Children with autism are 7 times more likely to be excluded from school. They can be very vulnerable in incidents and often are unaware of potential dangers. As it is a spectrum some people with autism may find it more challenging to express themselves or be able to communicate their needs. It is important to get a standardised approach to raising awareness of autism to support people with autism and their families.


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Reasons for signing

  • I feel that people on the autistic spectrum diserve better and feel that having a standardised approach to teaching key workers and nursery nurses it will help support people with autism better and help with autism awareness


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