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To: UK Government

Unchain the Unicorn

Unchain the Unicorn

We the undersigned respectfully request that you hereby remove the shackles and chains from the unicorn (which depicts Scotland) in the UK coat of arms. This applies (in particular) to all future UK passports and anywhere else it may be used (official documents, online media, publications, signs, flags, official vehicles etc).

Why is this important?

Following the referendum result, where over 1.6 million Scots expressed favour for independence; it is important that the Scottish people are treated with dignity, if they are to remain in a union with the rest of the United Kingdom.

This small, symbolic gesture will show respect for Scotland and hopefully foster a more harmonious relationship between nations - unchained, as equals.


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Reasons for signing

  • The image is so obviously racist and xenophobic. Shows a message of oppression to our neighbours in the rest of the UK and the global community. I've been saying this for years and wholeheartedly support this change.
  • Others have summed it up well
  • The unicorn, as a metaphor for Scotland, was always described as the beast that can never be tamed. The chains thus represent Scotland's strength and England's fear of us, hence the chains. They now need to go however. We no longer live in the 15th century!


2015-05-11 11:59:52 +0100

Throughout the period of this petition a few people have pointed out that the unicorn was chained before the union, therefore the petition is pointless. Whilst it is true that the unicorn was chained before the union, the intent behind this symbolic gesture was precisely the same - to show that Scotland had been subjugated by England. The fact that this symbolism remains on current UK coat of arms is shameful and needs no explaining why this should be rectified.

All of this was explained early on, on the Facebook page, but here it is again as a reminder (click the image then 'see more' in the text):

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2014-09-21 20:53:32 +0100

A wee something to lift your spirits, this song from Glasgow's Gerry Cinnamon features the line:

'Rip the chains from the unicorn, Scotland's no longer your slave.'


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