To: Secretary of State for Work & Pensions: The Rt Hon David Gauke MP

Universal Credit Helpline should be FREE

Universal Credit Helpline should be FREE

Remove the 55p p/min tariff on the Universal Credit helpline.
It should be a freefone number.

Why is this important?

People in receipt of benefits are generally, by their very nature of having to claim a benefit, in a vulnerable financial situation.
The changes to the benefit system as JCP centres roll out the Universal Benefit programme is causing considerable and maybe severe financial disruption for some of our most vulnerable members of society.
These persons SHOULD NOT HAVE TO FINANCE the rollout by having to pay 55p p/min to make a call with a query they have about the changes that are affecting the fabric of their lives.
Many people end up on hold - AT 55P PER MINUTE!
It is immoral to charge people to use this helpline.

Reasons for signing

  • It is a disgrace that those in the most need are being fleeced like this.


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