To: City councils

Urge all councils to provide overnight housing for homeless

Urge all councils to provide overnight housing for homeless

We would like all homeless people in the City to be housed in appropriate accommodation, at least through the night, during this harsh winter period. Many fight for their lives to survive the harsh winter, so please take action and save lives by housing homeless people during the night by all means necessary. A basic human right is a right to life, so please give all your citizens this right.
Thank you

Why is this important?

It is so tough being homeless. But the worst is during the Winter. At night you are fighting for your life. So we urge all City Councils to provide appropriate accommodation. This does not need to be a struggle, but for many it currently is. By signing this, you could save a life. A basic human right is the right to life. So why wait. Please, for the good of all.
Thank you

Reasons for signing

  • No one should have to be homeless.
  • I'm signing this petition as every human being deserves shelter food and clean clothes. It everyone's human right.
  • No one should have to be homeless.


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Hi all,
Thank you so much for the support. What is stated here is what I believe is the absolute minimum that should happen. But this is the first step towards later petitions where we demand more, so no one has to suffer through homelessness.

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