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To: the conservative party

FIRE Iain Duncan smith

Fire Iain Duncan smith

Why is this important?

Iain duncan smith is being investigated by the EU Because poor and disabled people and people with mental illness have died or took there own life's because of the new reform's and in that case every death should be properly investigated ...2 million more jobs that shouldn't be the price of a life ...iain Duncan smith has made peoples lives so miserable that they felt they couldn't take it any longer ..all in the name of David Cameron and can say our long term economic plan is working ...(more like a long economic failure) cant put numbers or a price on someone's life

How it will be delivered

If we have alot of signed petitions I will take this to the government and the labour party and the media lets not let this man who is obviously not suitable for the job .ruin other peoples lives


2016-01-11 21:58:55 +0000

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