To: WHSmith, Waterstones, The Works, and Other Book Store chains

We need LBGTQA Fiction and Non Fiction sections in Bookshops

Include and expand on a named/labelled LBGTQA+ book section in their shops so that LBGTQA+ minorities can easily access Fiction and Non fiction that is inclusive with their identities.

Why is this important?

If you walk into a chain Bookstore like WHSmith, Waterstones, The Works etc. you will almost inevitably never find Gay, Lesbian and Trans related fictional material that is clearly and obviously available for purchase and Non-fiction is often hidden away among Feminist and activist books which for many is highly inaccessible or is culturally shunned. This places young people and indeed older members of the Queer community in a truly difficult position.
LBGTQA+ fiction is notoriously hard to get hold of in Highstreet chains and is often hidden among books about Hetrosexual people where you have to physically ask staff to find it for your which for some LBGTQA+ people puts them at risk. There needs to be at least a shelf or two dedicated to LBGTQA+ fiction and non fiction so that LBGTQA+ people can access cultural resources that involve them and their identities. It will also help to normalise the existence of LBGTQA+ people and grant educational resources to those who aren't that are accessible to all ages. Granting LBGTQA+ Fiction and Non Fiction their own dedicated section will display the historical literary achievements of people within those minorities in a way that no other place does.

How it will be delivered

I will deliver the copies of the petition to the HQs of the companies and local stores so that they see the desire for LBGTQA books in their shops. I will also go and talk to independents so that they can see the value in including these sections for us.