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To: Leader of Wirral Borough Council, Councillor Phil Davies

Wirral council, keep parking in New Brighton charge free.....

Wirral council, keep parking in New Brighton charge free.....

Please do not introduce parking charges to New Brighton.

Why is this important?

This will have a negative effect on local businesses, and would undo some of the success of the newly redeveloped New Brighton....

New Brighton, Wirral

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Reasons for signing

  • I thought we were supposed to get fit but how can we if you have to pay to park cars or to admire out beautiful countyside.
  • This landmark is one of the few places,that we can visit without car parking charges.We as a nation contribute enough to charities andlocal events without quibbling,how about our own little pleasures.We dont ask fpr much,come on you money grabbers give us a break why dont you. Trish Latham
  • NB is on the UP Car P Charges will send it Back ????????


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