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To: U.K. Government

❤️ Your Health Visitor, save our services!

❤️ Your Health Visitor, save our services!

This petition calls on the Government to provide additional, ring fenced funding to Local Authorities to enable the proper commissioning of Health Visiting Services in England.
As Health visiting services come under the care of Local Councils this year, councils have had their Public Health budgets cut and many are unable to commit to commissioning Health Visiting going forwards without cuts to their services, down banding and redundancies of Health Visitors.

Why is this important?

Health Visitors provide a service to every child and family. They are Specialist Community Public Health Nurses who care for all under fives from the antenatal period to school age.
Their value is long recognised in the protection of children, child development, growth, promotion of emotional health and wellbeing in parents and children. We support those suffering domestic abuse, in poverty and with complex health needs in any way that protects children and enables them to thrive. health Visitors make a difference to families.
The effectiveness of Health Visiting is well documented. U.K. Government recently trained and recruited 4200 extra SCPHN (Health Visitors) and yet without the funds in Councils many of these Health Visitors may be facing redundancy.
Along with cuts to libraries, Children's Centres and Social Services budgets, the risks to our children are mounting.
In Scotland the devolved Govt has increased the mandated contacts by Health Visitors to 11 in the first 5 years, recognising that the outcomes for children will be better. In England these contacts are only 5 with a real possibility in some areas this will not involve a Health Visitor contact.
Health Visitors support every child, with the emphasis and knowledge that visible children and community support for parenting is the best way of Safeguarding our under 5s.
Health Visiting is 120 years old, babies and yet children require support more than ever right now in these austere times.
Please ask our Government to protect our Children by funding our service.

United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • health visitors provide a vital role in child health promotion, child protection , developmental assessments and screening.Jeremy Hunt will not care about the nations children and sees only ways to cut services to save money- he must be stopped. This is the health and welfare of the next generation which is priceless
  • Families will not be aware of the impact this will have until the first serious incident occurs - I don't want to be forced into a position of providing a poor service that puts children's welfare at risk
  • I am a Health Visitor of 29 years experience. I know I have made a difference to the lives of my families. The level of deprivation I witness is very hard to accept, budget cuts are making it harder to provide a safe service to the Community.


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