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To: Peterborough City Council

Youth Representation in Peterborough City Council

Youth Representation in Peterborough City Council

Increase youth representation in Peterborough Council, resulting in the creation of a youth council that works hand in hand with the council and other local bodies.

Why is this important?

This issue is vital to the betterment of youths services in Peterborough. Currently, the people that are in charge of youth services have not been classed as youth in years and are in no place to have a say in the issues of the youth no matter how good they are at their job. However, if a youth council did exist, or there was a youth presence in the council (11-16 year olds) there would be better input for the decision makers. This could lead to less crime and violence as the youth would be occupied elsewhere and may lead to better results for the youth of Peterborough in academic and social terms.


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Reasons for signing

  • Because we should give others a chance to improve our town/city


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