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  • No MP's should be members of secret societies.
    It is important that the people in legal, civil service positions and those managing the country on behalf of the electorate have the people and country's best interests at heart and have no hidden agenda or secret loyalties that may influence their decisions in ways that may not be the best decision for the people and the for the country. This petition relates to MP's, Judges, Lawyers, Police and Civil Servants in all positions who are members of secret societies, including the Masonic Order, and have sworn an oath or "obligation" to the society putting it before everything and everyone else and swearing an oath to help members of the society in all situations, or face death if they do not. These societies meet behind closed doors and have secret agendas which mean the member cannot fulfil any roles honestly because they have an overriding loyalty to the secret society before anything else.
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    Created by David Banner
  • Danger to sea-life from oil spills
    The major thing that Scotland’s got is it’s stunning beauty, but you just know that someone’s going to make a mistake with this. When that happens, big business may suffer in their pockets, but it’s not their environment that’s going to suffer, it’s not their gills that will be full of oil. We can get by without doing this, it’s riding roughshod over everyone and all of our wildlife in order to promote business. Ships would be transferring oil at a rate of two tonnes per second and indiscriminate dumping of ballast waste endangers shellfish stock and wildlife including bottlenose dolphins, porpoise and seals. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enU9wtbLWCA
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    Created by Ros Curwood Picture
    All animals and wildlife need to be cherished & protected.
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    Created by Mary Vines
  • Sell the yachts pay the pensions
    11,000 staff and 20,000 pensioners of BHS will find that their pensions are affected by BHS going into administration. During the 15 years that the Green family owned BHS they are reputed to have taken nearly £600m out of the company. They live in Monaco, have 3 yachts, a helicopter, and a private jet. They hold extravagant parties in exotic locations. All this whilst people who worked in a low wage industry are going to suffer (and you can only be on one yacht at once!).
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    Created by Lin Macmillan
  • Sort our roads
    The state of these roads costs the drivers a fortune in car repair and is a danger to the public and vehicles.
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    Created by Ian Mcdermott
    This is an idea that received unanimous support from the Dundee Fairness Commission. The Scottish Unemployed Workers' Network is calling for it to be translated into action. People unable to find work are increasingly being made to work for nothing on pain of losing their benefits and being left destitute. There have been various different work-for-your-benefits schemes - including Community Work Placements that mandate people to work unpaid for 30 hours a week for 6 months, a total of 782 hours, or more than 2 ½ times the maximum community service given as punishment for a crime. The DWP doesn’t actually use the term workfare, which comes from the United States where this approach was developed, but it is a convenient word to use to cover all the different schemes that both punish and exploit the unemployed. Very few of these schemes provide anything at all in the way of useful experience, and the people forced to do them are often treated like skivvies both in the work they are made to do and the attitudes shown to them. Far from building their confidence, as official documents suggest, this forced labour saps the spirit and wears down people’s mental health. And if they deviate at all from what they are being instructed to do they can end up sanctioned and penniless. In addition, rather than increase the numbers of people in paid work, these schemes actually cut across the creation of paid jobs. Why pay someone to work when you can get the labour for nothing? They also provide unfair competition to businesses who want to do the right thing by their workers. These schemes are a major source of worry for everyone who is faced with them, but they have not gone unchallenged – and challenges have elicited widespread support. Naming and shaming of companies and organisations who have exploited this forced labour has persuaded many well-known names to pull out of these schemes, and the Government refuses to publish the names of organisations involved as this would expose them to protests. Keep Volunteering Voluntary has persuaded large numbers of charities and non-profit organisations to sign up to their promise not to use forced labour. Workfare is an integral part of the ‘welfare reform’ juggernaut that is destroying our welfare state. We don’t have the power to change the rules, but a concerted programme of resistance organised at city level could provide a significant contribution to making them unworkable, and also highlight what is happening to those not already aware. We see the first (simple and easily instigated) steps as falling under two headings: 1/ We call on the City Council to agree that it will not itself be party to any workfare schemes and that it will make non-participation a condition for any organisation in receipt of council funding. 2/ We also call on the Council to give official backing to a well-publicised campaign to give formal recognition to all businesses and organisations who agree not to participate in these schemes. This would be similar to the scheme operated by Keep Volunteering Voluntary (who are very interested in the idea of a no-workfare city), but would include commercial organisations and not just voluntary ones. Organisations who have agreed not to exploit workfare would be listed in a well-publicised website and licensed to display a ‘no-workfare city’ logo on their window and publicity materials so that the general public would know where they could go without patronising organisations that use forced labour. This sort of opt-in scheme would avoid the difficulties of getting the accurate and up-to-date information needed for a name and shame list. However, it does need to be very well publicised so that organisations feel under sufficient pressure to take part. Publicity would also help prevent small voluntary organisations from being persuaded by misleadingly worded DWP documents into thinking that by participating in these schemes they are helping unemployed people. It would enable them instead to provide real help that people can access on a voluntary basis.
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    Created by Sarah Glynn Picture
  • More Organic Locally Sourced Produce Stocked in Supermarkets and Greengrocers
    It is important for our overall health, the affect on the environment and our ecosystems and also to support local suppliers. Rather than shipping garlic in from China, for example - where it is nearly impossible to regulate and guarantee that the produce is organic. There are rumours of the Chinese garlic being bleached as well, so it's far from organic and far from our plates. Local suppliers are the way to go! I have noticed recently that the large Tesco in my area is no longer stocking as much organic produce as it did before e.g. organic potatoes and organic cheese have been taken off the shelves, and I see no possible justification for this because both were selling well. I also think it's important for supermarkets to clearly label in detail where their produce comes from, not just stating which country it is from and labelling it 'organic' with no proof of regulation!
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    Created by Victoria Rankin
  • Asda fines disabled customers
    Once a month, I take my blind amputee brother to Asda supermarket in Perth. During our last visit to the store, we were appalled at our treatment following the use of a disabled parking space. I discovered a fine which had been imposed on the grounds that my brother (who has lived in a care home for many years and cannot drive for obvious reasons) does not have a blue badge to display. Why should a genuinely disabled person be fined in an Asda car park for not displaying a blue badge? Blue Badge Scotland clearly state on their website: "The Blue Badge scheme is for drivers or passengers with severe mobility problems. The scheme provides a range of on-street parking concessions enabling Blue Badge holders to park closer to where they need to go. The scheme does not apply to off-street car parking, for example in privately operated car parks at supermarkets or airports." I immediately contested this fine with the store management and was shocked to discover that Asda have no power to waive these fines under any circumstances. This is because Asda allow a private company - Smart Parking - to run many of their car parks across the country. This company exploits the blue badge system under their "contract" agreement and employ their own staff to cowardly affix parking fines to windshields without care or consideration for who could be using this space. By allowing such a company to run their parking areas, Asda are complicit in this greedy money making exercise. Following my formal complaint, I had a call from an Asda corporate employee who claims to be among the highest echelons of customer service representatives. This individual showed no understanding or compassion whatsoever, responding to my issue with cold bureaucracy. This employee showed (as with any other member of Asda management that i have discussed this issue with) utter incompetence in understanding the difference between criminal law and contract law. I have been persistently shamed as having “broken the law”, which is absolutely not the case. Perhaps the most shocking revelation during this call is that Asda have confirmed they DO NOT provide their own spaces for disabled people who do not have (perhaps have forgotten or never had the need for) a blue badge. Their best suggestion was that I use the drop off point at the front door. This shows an incredible lack of understanding as they expect me to leave my blind, wheelchair bound brother unattended while I find a regular space. My brother is effectively barred from Asda as there are no suitable spaces to allow safe access to their stores. This amounts to discrimination against disabled customers, as confirmed in my correspondence with Citizens Advice Scotland. They have suggested that there is a strong argument here for the discrimination against the disabled and they have notified trading standards with regards to this issue. I am grateful to have guidance and support of local mps and msps on this matter in addition to a local newspaper that intends to run our story. PLEASE SIGN this petition to help prevent other people from suffering this discrimination, humiliation and indignity while visiting their local Asda store. N.B. Tesco have confirmed that they do not treat their disabled customers in this way and are equally shocked by the conduct of Asda.
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    Created by Bill Cuthbert Picture
  • "Let There Be Light" in Edinburgh's Old Town
    The land in question has been left undeveloped for 40 years specifically for the purposes of an extension to the Central Library, thereby honouring the Library's founder Andrew Carnegie who desired that the Central Library: "grow in usefulness year after year, and prove one of the most potent agencies for the good of the people of Edinburgh for all time to come". With planning permission now granted for the massive proposed hotel this would significantly overshadow the library, with natural light levels projected to decline by up to 80%, thereby fundamentally compromising this important category A listed building, regarded as the finest example of a Carnegie endowed library in Scotland, whose motto above the main entrance is ironically “Let There Be Light”! Besides impinging on the library, the hotel will have a serious impact on the wider area adding to the excessive levels of congestion, noise and air pollution (already in breach of regulations and noted as one of the most polluted streets in Scotland), as a direct consequence of the over provision of existing hotels, hostels, student accommodation, bars, cafés, restaurants, late night clubs etc. This excessive commercial pressure is fundamentally undermining the well being of the local community and casting doubt on both the future liveability for residents and the credibility of the Outstanding Universal Value of the Old Town World Heritage. Given the slavish relationship to the construct of the current discredited economic model and the dire financial predicament of the Council, precipitated through a litany of mismanagement and scandal, a hotel is seen as the only use that can attract the capital receipt targets identified. Yet in pursuing the disposal of this precious land for yet another hotel the Council has undertaken NO public consultation as to alternative uses for the site. Inspired by the recently passed Community Empowerment Act, were this application to be called in and successfully challenged the local community wish to pursue the long held aspiration of developing the land at the Cowgate for the benefit of the Library and are confident of raising funds, inspired by the legacy of Carnegie, through philanthropic endeavour. This aspiration envisions a low level extension featuring a roof top garden dedicated to enlightened figures such as Andrew Carnegie and Patrick Geddes. This would ensure that the original library building was protected from overshadowing and the Outstanding Universal Value of the area enhanced, while mitigating pollution and developing further the reputation of the City for the benefit of generations to come. For more info see: http://lettherebelightedinburgh.org/ and: https://www.theguardian.com/cities/2016/sep/08/edinburgh-endarkenment-public-land-luxury-hotel-india-buildings#comment-82814023 and: http://bellacaledonia.org.uk/2016/09/10/a-tale-of-two-andrews/ As well as signing the petition please add comments below which will be forwarded to political representatives. Images of the proposed hotel can be viewed at: http://edinburgh.stv.tv/articles/1330113-plans-for-235-bed-hotel-plan-by-leonardo-hotelsin-the-cowgate-edinburgh/ “There is not such a cradle of democracy upon the earth as the Free Public Library; this republic of letters, where neither rank, office, nor wealth receives the slightest consideration. A library outranks any other one thing a community can do to benefit its people. It is a never failing spring in the desert.” - Andrew Carnegie “Surplus wealth is a sacred trust which its possessor is bound to administer in his lifetime for the good of the community.” - Andrew Carnegie
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    Created by Simon Byrom
  • Save 1 – 6 Canonmills Bridge
    The traditional single-storey building at 1 – 6 Canonmills Bridge has found a place in the hearts of locals and visitors to the area, serving as an attractive and popular hub for social life around a busy junction. The proposed redevelopment would loom, large and awkward, amongst the lovely older properties around the junction and bridge, destroying the harmonious character of the area. The current structure allows views of a corner turret, the greenery in the valley of the Water of Leith, plenty of sky and an interesting skyline. The City of Edinburgh Council Guidance on Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas February 2014 states that demolition will only be acceptable in a conservation area if the new development preserves or enhances the area – in the eyes of signatories, this is blatantly not the case in this instance. WE URGE THE COUNCIL PLANNING SUB-COMMITTEE TO RECOGNISE THE VALUE OF THE EXISTING BUILDING TO THE COMMUNITY AND REFUSE PERMISSION TO DEMOLISH IT. Note, if permission to demolish is refused, the redevelopment, as approved, will not be able to proceed.
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    Created by Jan Anderson