To: Andy Burnham, Metro Mayor of Greater Manchester

5 Miles and £5000 Apart!! Andy Burnham Act Now!

5 Miles and £5000 Apart!! Andy Burnham Act Now!

We are calling on Andy Burnham, Metro Mayor of Greater Manchester to intervene in the dispute at First Bus Manchester's Rusholme depot.
Pressure First Bus to keep their promise of equal pay!!

Why is this important?

Drivers at First Bus Rusholme are being paid 23% LESS than their First Bus colleagues in other Greater Manchester depots. A distance of just 5 miles separates them from their next nearest depot, but, with an hourly rate of LESS than £10/hour, Rusholme drivers earn approximately £5,000 a year less, for doing exactly the same job on some of the busiest routes in Europe.
When First Bus took over the depot in 2013 they promised to harmonise pay and conditions.

4 years later this still hasn't happened.

Drivers on low pay are forced to work overtime just to make ends meet. Not only does this adversely impact their family life but tired drivers make mistakes. Mistakes can compromise passenger safety!

First Bus! Don't put profits before passengers, pay your drivers fairly!

Greater Manchester

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Reasons for signing

  • I know someone directly affected by this issue. His life has been put on hold while this unfair treatment continues.
  • It's wrong they are on un-equal pay.
  • There offer increases our pay Monday to Friday but because our pay now includes a bonus we would actually be on 0.6percent less per hour every Saturday and 5.6 percent less per hour every Sunday Why oh why should we accept this


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