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To: UK Government/United Nations

Aleppo - Stop The Slaughter

Aleppo - Stop The Slaughter

Actively drive the UN into building an multinational, Arab centred peacekeeping force to provide the civilians of Syrian cities with sustainable relief from the inhuman murder inflicted upon them by their own government, ISIS and the rebel forces, who between them are using the population as cannon fodder.

Why is this important?

Because there can be no right in a world where hospitals are filled with civilian casualties from towns turned into warzones, where parents dig their murdered children from the rubble of their homes, where neighbourhoods resemble scenes from history books and those who should be protecting them are actively contributing to the wholesale destruction of life.


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2016-10-06 22:20:27 +0100

Still the Russians and Syrians bomb and still civilians pay the price... Nauseating.

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