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To: Head of Planning, London Borough of Lewisham

All Inn One - Petition to Support the Redevelopment

All Inn One - Petition to Support the Redevelopment

We the undersigned support the planning application to redevelop the site on which the public house, All Inn One (formerly The Forresters Arms), is located at Perry Vale, Forest Hill.

The development includes a proposal to build a new hotel in which provision has been included for a replacement for the existing public house.

We ask you as Head of Planning to encourage the support of the Council and its Planning Department for this application.

The Real Friends of All Inn One

Why is this important?

Patrons, regulars and Lewisham residents have benefited from the 18 years of hard work by its former owners, elevating what was a failed pub in very poor repair into what is a successful establishment.
They have elected to end their involvement and the business has been sold.
The new owners wish to expand the use of the site to include a hotel and have fully and publicly committed to incorporating a new pub within their development. Some patrons view the retention of a small garden space as desirable.
The existing pub building has been re-modelled and has had many makeovers since its inception in the mid-1800's.
It is essential that support for this proposal is demonstrated. The continuing presence of a pub is highly desirable to the area as is the introduction of a new hotel. Both new ventures will mutually support one another and this proposal will provide a means to secure the future of the replacement pub.
Economically and commercially this new phase for the public house will be an attractive proposition for new licencees and the locality will benefit from the influx of new custom for both ventures into the area.

Perry Vale, London SE23 2NE & Lewisham

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Reasons for signing

  • A hotel near the railway station in Forest Hill would be a great asset. It will make it easier for visitors and businesses. The current bedrooms are great, just not enough. It will bring more visitors to the district for local food establishments and Hornimans. The current pub is excellent but this would make more use of the space, a welcome redevelopment.
  • I believe this is good for the progress of the area with little or no hotels on the area.
  • I believe the plan would be beneficial for the regeneration of the Perry Vale side of Forest Hill. I am also concerned that there is a high risk that a pub under different management than the current one would not be successful here, if the site is not redeveloped.


2019-03-08 15:25:05 +0000

We have received an acknowledgement for the receipt of the petition from Lewis Goodley, the Planning Officer dealing with this case.

In it he requests that signatories to the petition be notified of its acceptance and I attach a link here where it can be viewed!AuV6NOp8I8tAlBLsXStVj-0TPI2Q

Thank you once more for your invaluable support.

2019-03-07 09:49:11 +0000

Thank you everyone for your invaluable support.
It is planned to submit the petition today (7 March) to LB Lewisham.

2018-12-04 17:29:15 +0000

100 signatures reached

2018-12-04 17:12:43 +0000

Reminds me of the song 99 Red Balloons - a real celebration. .

Who will be signatory 100.

Thank you.

2018-12-04 10:52:19 +0000

Wonderful effort on everyone's part - 75 signatories reached today.
We are observing that Sydenham Society (note - NOT the Forest Hill Society on All Inn One's home patch of Forest Hill) are advertising a request that people sign an opposing petition.
Can we ask for your help once more - is there any one you know who can retweet or be emailed and be invited to sign our petition ?
A BIG thank you.

2018-11-29 22:34:56 +0000

Pleased to see the half ton up - thank you.
In the first 24 hours it is to everyone's credit for all of the tweets and re-tweets.
It is sensed that there is growing understanding that this option has a very public commitment by the new owner to provide a new pub as part of the development.

2018-11-29 21:38:19 +0000

50 signatures reached

2018-11-29 11:45:44 +0000

25 signatures reached

2018-11-28 20:30:40 +0000

10 signatures reached

2018-11-28 17:17:30 +0000

First handful of signatories added - thank you for the good start.