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To: The UK Government

Ban disproportionate restraint on disabled children and adults and listen to them in court

Ban disproportionate restraint on disabled children and adults and listen to them in court

Ban disproportionate restraint on disabled children and adults and listen to them in court. Children disabled or not, should not be subject to disproportionate restraint.

The crown office does not accept medical notes, hospital statements and pictures of the bruising as compelling evidence. The crown office should be doing more to protect the most vulnerable in our society.

Why is this important?

My daughter who has Prader-Willi Syndrome was disproportionately restrained by four male staff at school. The restraint technique used was degrading and humiliating for my daughter. Two of the staff were charged by police. My daughter had numerous bruises all over her body after being restrained.

The crown office has decided to take no further action as my daughter is unable to give evidence in court due to her disability. The crown office actions are denying my daughter access to a fair hearing on the grounds of her disability.

This is important as our most vulnerable people need to be protected. The justice system hasn’t protected my daughter and I never want this to happen to anyone again.

Reasons for signing

  • We need our kids to be protected not tortured
  • restraint should be used to protect individuals and to prevent any harm - not to cause harm :/
  • This is totally unacceptable


2020-09-08 22:47:27 +0100

We are frantically trying raise money to get this to court and put an end to this abuse towards children especially disabled children.
Please if you have a spare £ please donate

2020-08-04 15:10:56 +0100

Thanks to everyone who has been sharing the go fund me already you have made a difference x can’t thank you all enough 💚

2020-08-04 13:36:48 +0100

2020-08-04 13:30:20 +0100

Hi everyone

Hope everyone has been keeping well during this lockdown. I have a short update on Lyndsay’s story. Please go on to the go fund me page and watch the video. If possible share it to get the story out there.
I am not going away and will fight to the end.

Thanks again everyone for continuously supporting us.
Please use #justiceforlynn when sharing x

2019-04-03 15:29:13 +0100

Tomorrow this issue will be getting debated on in Parliament...... in the chamber so let’s get the 10,000 signatures please share another 600 people is all we need......


Lyndsay and family xxx

2019-02-14 04:10:42 +0000

Hi everyone
I am still working extremely hard behind the scenes.... there’s has been a lot recently in the media in regards to restraint in hospitals but not so much about restraint in education. I have set up a Facebook page where people can follow for updates or for families to use as a public platform to share there own stories. Please follow and like us No to restraint in disabled education. We are also on twitter @norestraintreq
I am trying to continue to keep this fresh in peoples minds until we reach a change 💚
Please show your support by sharing the page.. together we can change anything.


2018-09-27 12:24:05 +0100

Hi everyone
I have been working extremely hard behind the scenes. I have also petitioned the Scottish Government so there is also a live petition, I would love it if you could all help me by signing this as that will give me a chance to sit and tell my story to try and get this stopped.
Thank you for your continued support

2018-09-26 15:35:17 +0100

2018-09-26 14:00:59 +0100

Please look and sign this I’ve worked extremely hard to get this public petition to go live. I only have till November please sign and share I need as many signatures as possible to make a change xx

2018-08-18 02:50:19 +0100

This is just a quick update. Sorry I haven’t updated this before now.
Over past few months I have been working very hard trying to put motions forward at council level for CCTV to protect children within ASN schools but this is going to be a huge battle as a lot of the councillors in my area are teachers or ex teachers. As far as I’m concerned this is a conflict of interest.
I’ve also petitioned the Scottish Parliament and I’m currently awaiting the outcome for this.
The children’s commissioner will publish there findings over the next few weeks of there investigation.
This is a long drawn out process and my fight will continue until I have a conclusion.
Thanks for signing this and please continue to share.

Lynn and family x

2018-03-29 18:01:29 +0100

2018-03-28 21:50:43 +0100

Hope you are well. Over the past 2 weeks since you signed this petition I (Lyndsays Mum) have been working like others very hard. We have been visiting councillors, MSP and MP’s. There’s been things raised at Scottish Parliment and hopefully something soon at Westminster. Some of these elected members I’ve visited honestly don’t have a clue and this honestly frightens me 🙈
I will continue the fight as well as keep everyone upto speed. Hopefully we will see some big changes very soon.
Lyndsay and her family xxx

2018-03-09 14:46:59 +0000

Thanks to everyone who has signed this petition. Can I ask each of you to share this as I am working 24hours to get this banned. I’ve been on the phone constantly since Monday.
I am overwhelmed by the support and comments from everyone. I’ve been contacted by hundreds of families and have met with 6 of them this week.
Will continue to keep everyone updated throughout this process.

Lyndsay and her family xx

2018-03-05 08:33:39 +0000

5,000 signatures reached

2018-03-04 13:24:57 +0000

1,000 signatures reached

2018-03-04 12:09:59 +0000

500 signatures reached

2018-03-04 11:15:04 +0000

100 signatures reached

2018-03-04 11:03:17 +0000

50 signatures reached

2018-03-04 11:00:18 +0000

25 signatures reached

2018-03-04 10:55:08 +0000

10 signatures reached