To: Chudleigh United Charities/Chudleigh Town Council

Ban dogs from the playing field (next to the school) - Chudleigh

Ban dogs from the playing field (next to the school) - Chudleigh

Reconsider the allowance of dogs on the grassed area by the Fore Street play park/primary school.

Why is this important?

The green space next to Fore Street Play Park is used by school children throughout the day as well as for recreational use outside of school hours. But the dog mess left on the grass is a constant problem despite it being an area regularly patrolled by the Dog Warden and covered by CCTV. Unfortunately bins and notices fail to make any difference - the people who allow this to happen, do not care.

Dog mess carries incredibly toxic bacteria which among other things can cause blindness. To have this space dog free would allow children to play freely without the constant worry of stepping in/falling in dog mess.

There are many places dog owners can go to exercise their dogs without using this space. It would not be detrimental to the town, considering the fact that Chudleigh is surrounded by green space, all within a few minutes walk from any where in the town.


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Reasons for signing

  • If a dog did a poo on your carpet at home, would a quick pick up with a plastic bag make you feel you'd done a good job of cleaning up? (thought not!) so keep dogs off the children's play area (please).
  • Signed because there seems to be an increase in the amount of mess around the town. I will not walk on on the grass area in question and I will not let my children go on there to play as I have seen "mess" there a lot. Seems some people think it is acceptable to allow our children to be at risk from all the nasties that are attributed to dog poo.
  • I was back in chudleigh last summer and last year every were you looked there was dog muck in the play park and the footpaths around chudleigh and the public toilets . Never used to be like this .


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