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To: South Hams District Council planning department.

Bantham 2017: stop the proposed development of Bantham village and beach.

We are asking the planning department at South Hams District Council to prevent the proposed developments of Bantham village and beach, by the man who promised to leave them undeveloped when he bought them.

Why is this important?

When Nicholas Johnston bought the Bantham estate, much against the wishes of most locals, he promised that he would leave it untouched. Now he is proposing to develop both the village and the beach, even going so far as to say that he will not be making the new housing affordable for local people (which, in a part of the country that has some of the most unaffordable housing available, should be a priority for any development, rather than lining the pockets of a man who has already proven he has no love for the people born and bred here). This is completely unacceptable to those of us who have enjoyed Bantham in its current form for so many decades, but more importantly to the people who live in the village. The infrastructure around Bantham village struggles as it is, this development would make a bad situation worse, in particular for the existing village residents, especially during the summer months. This Old Etonian, multi-millionaire friend of David Cameron, who has more than enough to survive on already, should not be allowed to profit from developing an unspoilt gem in our coastal countryside, especially when his proposals offer absolutely nothing for local people. You can read about his plans here...

Please note that I have no legal training, I have started this petition in the hope of showing the authorities that there is a depth of feeling against such inappropriate plans for a much loved local beauty spot. Please share this petition with as many people as possible, especially with people from the Bantham area and wider South Hams. Thank you for your support.

How it will be delivered

The signatures on this petition will be delivered to the planning department, likely by email, prior to their review of these proposals. Currently a date has not been set, but as soon as there are firm proceedings in place I will make the result of this petition available to the proper authorities.


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