To: Tim Warren (Bath & North east Bath Council) , Don Smith (Bathampton Council) and Batheaston Parish Council

Bathampton Toll - Another Tax on people, simply trying to get to work!

Bathampton Toll - Another Tax on people, simply trying to get to work!

Allow the residents of Bathampton, Batheaston and Bathford to cross the Bathampton Toll Bridge Free from Charge.

Why is this important?

I am extremely disappointed to see that The General Estates Company ( who own and operate the Bathampton Toll Bridge feels there is justification in increasing the charges from 70p to 80p each way – a 12.5% increase, way above the current rate of inflation at 2.6% and certainly higher than the increase many have received in salary over the last 4 years, since last it increased.

Firstly, I have requested from several sources what possible justification there could be for increasing this cost?

The Bathampton Mill bridge has for a long time been more expensive, per distance travelled than The Seven Bridge, The Clifton Suspension Bridge and even The Dartford Crossing bridge on the M25.

During this time of austerity and nationwide uncertainty, when the cost of living in has never been higher in recent history, how can anyone justify this unfair price hike? The toll bridge takes £1000's of every day from people just trying to get to work, taking their kids to school, operate their business... basically just trying to get on with their busy lives.

It is an unjust Tax on honest, local people, when the alternative routes through Bath, Bradford or Limpley Stoke are by no means acceptable alternatives. Yet again we are penalised for simply trying to get to work!! I am sure that many local people chose to cycle or walk when it is viable, but since public transport does not offer an alternative option, the toll bridge is often the only route, unless you have time to drive into Bath or Bradford instead.

I have had enough!!! As well as starting this petition, calling on a halt to this increase, I will also pursue a complete stop at best, a reduction at least to the charges to residence of the 3 boughs of Bathford, Batheaston and Bathampton. I will also be making formal complaints to MP's as well as Bath, Bathampton and Batheaston Councils to stop this unjustifiable increase and yet another increased tax on local people.

Please support this cause and stop this frustrating and expensive toll.

Batheaston Toll Bridge, Bath

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Reasons for signing

  • every morning there is a massive queue on the batheaston side, with no cars on the bathhampton side. Add the worst managed to the most expensive
  • Price increase is too high and unfair.
  • It's legalised robbery.


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2017-09-05 14:09:56 +0100

Thank you to everyone who has signed this petition so far.

Like most of you no doubt, I have been busy with 'the day job' and haven't had the time to commit to this campaign. However, I urge you all to please re-share the link so that we can keep gathering signatures.

The sole existence of this toll bridge relies on the busy lives of its users; we will all just keep on paying the increased charges as long as the alternatives are time-costly and inefficient and this why the owners of the bridge get away with their clandestine increases. Notice how the price went up when many people where on holiday. No coincidence I'm sure.

Please keep sharing and asking you network to sign. It may take a while, but i have no doubt that we will be able to gather the names of many a frustrated commuter, parent, delivery driver all in good time.

Matthew Chiles

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