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To: The BBC

BBC should make Pagan voices heard

The BBC should make Pagan voices heard. They should have an occasional programme looking at Paganism and they should feature a Pagan voice on Thought for the Day at least once a year.

Why is this important?

The BBC recently published a review of its religious programming however despite getting the views from a range of religious leaders, no Pagans were consulted.

Thought for the Day (T4tD) goes out on Radio 4 and despite it being multi-faith it has no Pagan voices on it. According to the 2011 Census, Pagans make up 0.2% of all people in the UK expressing a religion (this will be understated given our natural reluctance to make ourselves know!). By comparison 0.6% identified as Buddhists but had 3% of T4tD broadcasts and 0.7% identified as Jewish with 5% of T4tD broadcasts. It is clear we are being discriminated against.

Nature based religions have never had more relevance than now with climate change hurting the world and plastic soup killing our oceans. Human animals are failing to honour Nature despite us being part of her. Having voices in the media that have a different regard to the world of which we are part is more necessary now than ever.


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