To: Mayor of Bracknell & Bracknell Forest Council

Bracknell Residents Together against PCM

Bracknell Residents Together against PCM

We solely request Bracknell Forest Council as the Local Legal Authority to step in and offer support to the local residents which have been deeply affected by PCM & Bracknell Forest Housing Association.

We join our voices together and recommend that Bracknell Forest Council and our local councillors to take reasonable measures and address this crises brought to us by PCM & Bracknell Forest Homes.

Fining the local residents represents a major concern for us, and we are deeply affected by the £100.oo parking charge notes issued by PCM for 24hour if we park our vehicles in front of our legally owned/rented garages.

We are the working class and we are local electorate - please hear our concerns!

Why is this important?

Ever since PCM was introduced by the Bracknell Forest Homes, instead of solving the parking crises whithin Bracknell, unfortunately Parking has significantly aggravated and made it even more difficult throughout the streets of Bracknell.

Many of us have already contacted Bracknell Forest Homes as well as our Local Authority - Bracknell Forest Council requesting their reasonable and legally bound support and assistance only because we are the local residents and we have been deeply affected by the restrictions and the awfully £100.oo charges issued by PCM.

Moreover, as a result of their action, parking has became a real nighmare and we literaly seam to be imprisoned in our own home. No visitours or family members can come and visit us due to this parking crises. Aggrieved by these dreadful circumstances, a large number of our residents are currently parking on the pavements and on the grass verge causing unnecessary real messe and unnecessary difficulties in our neighbourhood. Thus represents serious concern for acces to emergency services and endangering lives. Forevermore, our property value and our house price has significantly droped due to the aggravated parking situation in our neighbourhood and throughout Bracknell.

Therefore, through this petition we join our efforts united together consolidating our voice and efforts to put an end to these hideous moneymaking operation against the local residents without any further delays.

We strongly oppose the operation of PCM scheme authorised and supported by Bracknell Forest Homes because the scheme was introduced without any democratic consultation with the local residents and without priorly due consideration. Moreover, there was no mutual agreement with the local residents or the local household and privately house and garage owners, not with the tenants of the rented garages where the scheme operates.

We join our effort and voices together requesting our Bracknell Forest Council Mayor, Madame Tina McKenzie-Boyle and our respectful elected MP - Dr Phillip Lee as well as our local councillors to prompt intervention and assist the local residents legally rewing and without any further delays, to put an end to the parking enforcement scheme operated by Bracknell Forest Homes & PCM.

1. We request all the necessary assistance in preventing them to penalise the local resident.

2. We would highly recommend investing consciously and without further delays in providing efficient public parking facilities in our residential areas.

3. We solely request clear and transparent plans to be urgently put in place that will be implemented by The Local Authorities as to prevent future similar crises.

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Reasons for signing

  • I live in boyd court and this company has been a nuisance to residents since they introduced
  • A small improvement in parking. Great increase in stress Less friends visiting (for fear) increasing isolation. Houses devalued (would you buy in an area where you're friends and family can't park when visiting?). However, there is oddles of profit to be shared between the former Bracknell Forest Homes (now a soon to be very profitable limited company) and the PCM sharks.
  • Already made the parking situation worse in my street and now they have introduced pcm to the mix! Absolutely ridiculous!


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