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To: Calderdale Council

Brighouse Train Station parking facilities & disrepair of Rastrick roads

Brighouse Train Station parking facilities & disrepair of Rastrick roads

The following roads are experiencing long term, persistent and worsening problems with parking due to the lack of parking facilities at Brighouse Train Station:

• Birds Royd Lane (including the Railway Bridge to Woodhouse Gardens)
• Gooder Lane
• Railway Street
• Victoria Street
• Back Gooder Lane
• Victoria Place
• Aire Street
• St John’s Street
• William Street
• East Street
• Laura Street
• Healey Wood Road (bottom)
• Lords Lane
• Cliffe Road
• Green End
• Bridge End

We request that the impact of railway commuter parking around this area, specifically on these residential streets, is assessed as a matter of priority in order to consider a more holistic solution to the issue.

We also request that parking facilities at Brighouse Train Station be discussed and fully explored at partnership level with WYCA/Northern Rail for improvements.

Furthermore, we request that the following roads around our homes are properly dressed:

• Birds Royd Lane (including the Railway Bridge to Woodhouse Gardens)
• Bridge End
• Gooder Lane

These roads are littered with potholes and are becoming increasingly dangerous to drivers due to the exceptionally poor condition they have been left in for some time. We therefore request that these roads be properly dressed, instead of temporarily patch worked like they have been previously.

Why is this important?

Residential parking is increasingly becoming unavailable and unmanageable along Gooder Lane and the surrounding residential streets due to a lack of parking facilities at Brighouse train station. Rastrick has a high density of residential properties, which already makes the possibilty of parking limited. The lack of parking facilities at Brighouse train station means that rail commuters are having to find parking elsewhere, namely on neighbouring residential streets, making residents unable to park anywhere near their own home. As Rastrick & Brighouse Councillors, we have lobbyed the Council for a number of years to look, in partnership with the other stakeholders (e.g. WY Combined Authority), at this situation, to no avail. The situation needs an holistic approach exploring all veasible options and solutions to avoid displacing the problem on to other streets in the area. However, simply put, we need more parking facilities at Brighouse Train Station.

Gooder Lane is a regularly used highway by residents, railway users, businesses (both shops and industrial companies), HGVs, and day to day commuters. This road, and many of the 'offshoot' residential streets (Bridge End in particular) are very poorly maintained, and have been for years, meaning that many drivers avoid using this road and instead use another route which causes congestion on other main roads. These roads need to be properly assessed and dressed. As Councillors, we are continually told that assessments will take place but, to date, none have taken place and no action has been taken to address this problem.

Rastrick, Brighouse

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