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To: Brighton and Hove Council - Councillor Gill Mitchell

Petition Brighton & Hove Council to Terminate 3GS Private Waste Enforcement Contract

Please Terminate 3GS Waste Enforcement Contract in Brighton/ Hove. £600 for 1x cardboard-box placed in the wrong bin is disproportionate.

Why is this important?

Brighton and Hove Council uses a private enforcement company to enforce fines of up to £600 for offences as small as putting one cardboard box in the wrong bin.

Countless Brighton and Hove residents, acting in good faith, have been fined under a system that was designed to target fly-tippers. Faced with a sudden £300- £600 fine for one cardboard box, residents discover that there is no appeal system.

On Monday, 7 March 2016 Brighton and Hove Council put out a press release promising to "encourage everyone to produce less waste and recycle more."

While we wholeheartedly agree with this honourable principle, what the Council did next has created an almighty mess.

The press release went on:
"The officers, employed by private company 3GS Environmental Solutions, have already begun patrolling in the city."

Over the following year private company 3GS, based in Hampshire, began a campaign of heavy handed enforcement without regard for proportionality of common sense. Residents who accidentally put cardboard from small businesses (such as home run businesses) in domestic recycling bins, were fined up to £600 PER cardboard box. This is still ongoing and flies in the face of common sense.

Tactics used by 3GS on residents who have used the wrong bins (not fly tippers) have included intimidation - using “officers” and cameras. Threatening letters mentioning imminent court appearances, repeated emails containing obscure incomprehensible language.

We maintain that the fine is out of proportion. We believe the treatment is unnecessary.

We urge Councillor Gill Mitchell, chair of the environment, transport and sustainability committee, to review the contract with 3GS, and to terminate the contract immediately.

How it will be delivered

This petition will be delivered by email and by hand to Councillor Gill Mitchell.

Brighton and Hove

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2018-01-31 12:47:55 +0000

The story about my £600 fine for 1x cardboard box in the wrong bin has featured on BBC Talk Radio. And in papers: The Sun, The Mail, The Times, The Telegraph. - Ali Mapletoft

2018-01-30 21:09:17 +0000

50 signatures reached

2018-01-30 20:17:44 +0000

I'll be speaking on BBC Talk Radio at 9:30 pm tonight- 30 Jan 2018, about my experience of being fined £600 by 3GS for 1 cardboard box. The box was placed in the wrong bin, in good faith, by my husband. - Ali Mapletoft

2018-01-30 10:41:17 +0000

25 signatures reached

2018-01-29 23:57:46 +0000

10 signatures reached