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To: Wakefield city council

Build 3 Outdoor Basketball MUGA areas in Wakefield

Build 3 Basketball MUGA areas for young people to play and keep fit.

Why is this important?

There are currently only two outdoor basketball courts accessible to the public in the whole of Wakefield which has more than 300,000 residents.It is important to support children/young people to achieve their potential and to build stronger communities. Culture and sports play an increasingly important role in transforming Wakefield, building more Basketball courts will bring about positive change and can help tackle (ASB) Anti-social behaviour while improving the health and wellbeing of the district. 70.5% of residents in Wakefield are considered overweight/obese compared to 64.8% being the national average. Health benefits of playing basketball 15 minutes a day can reduce risk of heart disease, asthma, strokes, chronic illness and also keeping your weight under control. Anti-social behaviour (ASB) has increased by 11%  and racial hate crimes have risen in light of the brexit. Basketball can help brigde the gap between communities and ambitions for young people, as well as giving the opportunity to improve health & fitness.
'It is the mind which creates the world around us' George gissing

How it will be delivered

With support from local schools/colleges, leisure centres, clubs and community groups.


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'Let's just play Basketball'
Open run session @ Lightwaves Leisure Centre Wakefield Thurdays 6pm - 7pm