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To: Philip Hammond

Philip Hammond: Bury funeral debt for grieving families

Philip Hammond: Bury funeral debt for grieving families

Raise the funeral fund for grieving families

Why is this important?

My mum was only 46 years when she got diagnosed with a brain tumour and told she had three months to live. I was stunned when the funeral director said it would cost £5,000 for a cremation. I felt shame having to owe people money. Because I was unable to repay the debt and deal with my own emotions, I wasn’t able to grieve in peace.

The government funeral fund used to cover the cost of a basic funeral for families who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford one. Now it covers less than 40% - that's just £700 for direct funeral expenses. According to Money Advice Service, the average cost of a funeral can range from £1600-£4257.but it can be much more in places like London which is double the national average. Many families like mine are being forced into debt and poverty because they can't afford a funeral when someone they love dies.

Now the Fair Funerals campaign is calling on the government to raise the funeral fund and help families grieve in dignity. One in six grieving families get into serious financial problems trying to pay for a funeral.

Tell the government to save grieving people like me from funeral debt. Please sign this petition now.


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