To: Nigel Farage

Call for Nigel Farage to get Brits 'Picking for Britain!'

Call for Nigel Farage to get Brits 'Picking for Britain!'

Nigel Farage has proved with the Brexit referendum that he has considerable influence on certain demographics.

I want him to now use this influence to rectify a consequence of his own making.

Why is this important?

It is now widely reported that produce growers in the UK fear that their produce will rot in the field due to lack of seasonal immigrant workforce.

Since Nigel's main campaign to get out of the EU was to limit immigration, and the impact that immigration has had on British jobs, it seems only fitting that he should also implore the British to take up the empty jobs that his actions have indirectly freed up.

Part of making decisions is to take responsibility for consequences. Brexit rhetoric, uncertainty and economic impact have all led to less seasonal migrant workers this year; it may have not been Nigel's direct aim to free up seasonal work for Brits, but he can bring to bear a campaign of National pride to encourage Brits to actively seek out such jobs to ensure that produce does not rot in the field.

Even if Nigel's view is that seasonal fruit picking is ideal for low priced migrant labour, it will take a long time for that workforce to want to return in sufficient quantity to the UK , and that seems largely a consequence of Brexit, and specifically his part in the campaign for it.

So the only responsible thing for him to do is to mitigate this, perhaps unintended, consequence by calling people to the fields.

Furthermore, it would be a really positive gesture if Nigel could spend his spare time leading by example and working in the fields. Then he could truly say that he had earned his pint by the end of the day.