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To: Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames Council

Council Homes for the Many

Council Homes for the Many

We the undersigned petition the Council to confirm to the residents of Cambridge Road Estate that the estate regeneration proposals will include: • An increase in the number of council homes to 1000 from the 653 (originally 832) currently planned for; • A residents’ ballot on the final regeneration proposal; • An increase in social housing to 50% of the whole of the regenerated development; • Keeping tenants’ rents at the basic government-set rent level; • Building new resident facilities at the heart of the estate including a community centre, GP surgery and local shops.

Why is this important?

Local estate residents have so far not won any concessions to their vision for the regenerated estate even though these proposals have been in the public arena for well over two years.

There have been repeated calls over this time for the Council to commit to delivering on these demands.

But so far it has fallen on deaf ears.

Enough is enough. It is more than time that residents were listened to.

Started by: Phil Bevin (Kingston & Surbiton Labour Party)

Kingston upon Thames

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