To: Minister for housing Alok Sharma.

Discriminating landlords

Change the law that allows land lords to discriminate against people on housing benefits!!

Why is this important?

For some years now social housing has been in decline & those people on housing benefit are in dire need of housing many of them single parent family’s. Who are unable to work due to there individual circumstances. Such as a wife beaten up by her husband having to seek temporary shelter & unable to return to the family home now having to live in a one room B&B with her three children. Unable to rent a private flat or house as the private landlord is discriminating against her due to her being on Housing benefit!! She is now forced to live in a one room B&B with other families in the same situation. This law must change today for these
People need our help! In particular they need your help & those of your friends & family who are lucky to live in there own home. What is the point of housing benefit if No landlord in the private sector will accept it? This must change & they must be forced to accept them on short term let’s & long term let’s there must be no difference between the two. So private land lords are switching to holiday let’s rather than normal letting this is because they can offer short term let’s which makes it easier to remove bad tenants which is understandable & B&B is where perhaps they should be but why should the vast majority be penalised due to the small minority? Please support these people many of them very vulnerable young women with children who have hurt no one!!