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To: Shepway District Council

Don't fine people for begging in Shepway

Don't fine people for begging in Shepway

Don't use Public Space Protection Orders to fine people for begging.

Why is this important?

The idea of fining those who already have so little, that they are forced to sleep out in the cold or ask for food and money is a cruel and heartless act. This is attacking vulnerable people and does not resolving the issues homeless people face.

Other campaigns have successfully stopped other councils from imposing similar fines.

This campaign is based on this information from Shepway council's website:

If you have anything that suggests that Shepway Council are no longer able to fine people for begging then we'd love to hear more from you, drop us an email at

Shepway District Council, Castle Hill Avenue, Folkestone

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Reasons for signing

  • Because I thought that we were a christian country with christian values
  • Most people are homeless through no fault of their own but because they have fallen on hard times. They should be helped not condemed
  • What, just let people starve?


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