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To: Aberdeenshire Council

Don't give Trump planning permission

We object to the Trump organisation being given planning permission to build houses at Menie.

Why is this important?

Trump wants to build 500 “luxury” houses on a protected Aberdeenshire coast. These homes will be unaffordable to anyone except the rich, featuring villas planned to sell for over £1 million.

No plans for affordable houses, which were promised as part of the planning permission, have been made public. They do not appear in the proposed development brochure. This location is entirely inappropriate for a housing scheme; it’s far from amenities and is opposed by people living nearby.

Planning permission for the golf resort was issued on the basis that the “economic benefit outweighed the environmental harm”. But the rare protected dunes that form part of the estate have been “partially destroyed” since Trump began construction on the resort, and there’s been little benefit to the community.

Trump cannot be trusted to deliver on his promises for this resort, and this new development will further damage the beautiful North Sea coastline whilst lining his own pockets. What’s more, we’re signing Scotland away to a man who deals in lies and hate, which will damage the country’s reputation.

Aberdeenshire, Scotland

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