To: Secretary of State for Health

End Prescription Charges

End Prescription Charges

We want the current secretary of state for health to make all prescriptions in the UK free by abolishing prescription charges in England: the only part of the UK that has prescription charges.

Why is this important?

As people's budgets are getting more and more squeezed, more and more people are going without their vital medication. According to the Prescription Charges Coalition, 1 in 3 people with a long-term condition has been unable to pick up their medication, adding more costs to the NHS. As England is the only part of the UK which has prescription charges, it's time to do away with them once and for all!


2017-11-16 18:18:04 +0000

25th November will be the Twitter Day of Action! We're asking MPs to sign Early Day Motion 82 for free prescriptions for the long-term sick. Just click the link to tweet to your local MP!