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To: Gwynedd Council National Assembly of Wales

Fairbourne Beach Access

Fairbourne Beach Access

Reinstate a slipway for beach access for the general public

Why is this important?

At present the beach is inaccessable to a good portion of the general public who are not prepared to risk broken bones or worse i.e.permanent or life threatening injury. The beach is only approachable at present by attempting to struggle over lots of variable size rocks and stones for approximately 30/40 feet in a downhill gradient its worse trying to get back up! Fairbourne is a seaside destination for lots of tourists and being unable to access the beach will put off visitors and tourists thereby having a detrimental effect on all local business.
Worse case scenario is if there is an accident or a sea rescue had to take place then emergency services would have great trouble and use up a lot of valuable time trying to attempt a rescue. This shows a complete lack of "Duty of Care" by Gwynedd Council towards Locals and visitors and reinforces the stigma already attached to Fairbourne by Gwynedd Council when it was "leaked" and highlighted in the BBC TV programme that sea defences would only be msintained in the short term thereby causing a dramatic fall in house prices. This was how the villagers first heard of this via National News!


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