To: Families first foxbar

Families first

Families first

I want to save this amazing service

Why is this important?

This service supports families all over Renfrewshire but closer to home for me is the foxbar team. The girls re so supportive and have done a lot for my family and others

Foxbar, Paisley

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Reasons for signing

  • This would be a very big loss to a lot of familys if it wasent for this service my daughter would have not had the support she needed just by having that extra support foemail families first terrible mistake
  • Theses groups are amazing they have helped me in so many ways and helped other to if it wasent for this support to my self and my family i would have went down hill the girls in the foxbar area are amazing please don't let this happen as it will affect so many familys that need that support this is a mistake.


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