To: The developers and local council planning officer

Major development in Worthing threatens long established fox family- Please help us protect them!

Major development in Worthing threatens long established fox family- Please help us protect them!

We would like the Developers and Local council to ensure us that they will not harm, hurt or kill the foxes or ask another party, such as pest controllers, to do so.

We ask that the developers allow animal welfare experts to have access to the site immediately to assess the situation and establish the location of the foxes’ dens and their entrances.

The Protection of Wild Mammals Act 1996 states:
‘If, save as permitted by this Act, any person mutilates, kicks, beats, nails or otherwise impales, stabs, burns, stones, crushes, drowns, drags or asphyxiates any wild mammal with intent to inflict unnecessary suffering he shall be guilty of an offence.’
‘Destroying, blocking, or filling up a fox earth that contains live foxes is an offence under this act.’

By blocking or destroying the den without being 100% sure the foxes have vacated is illegal and may cause harm and asphyxiation to any remaining foxes resulting in death.

We ask that the developers work with the wildlife experts and locals who have been caring and watching out for the foxes, to find a humane and compassionate solution where the foxes are not harmed in anyway.

We also ask that they assure us that the den will not be filled in or destroyed while the foxes remain on site, and that the foxes are given time and space to move themselves out of the area.

Why is this important?

The fox family currently live on a large derelict site, which has been vacant for years, consequently growing into a beautiful wildlife haven.

The two adults made their den under a hedge and the wildflower meadow that has grown on the re-wildered garden has become the cub’s playground. Many local people have watched and admired this beautiful fox family from afar over the years. It has been a thrill to observe wildlife on our doorstep.

There are now plans to completely destroy their well established home and build an 11 storey block of 36 flats with underground parking. Building is imminent. Overnight, this fox family of three (a bonded pair with their six month old cub) will lose their safe haven with nowhere to go. The “best” case scenario will be that the fox family will bolt and try to find a new territory, but this will not be easy as the few nearby gardens are most likely the territory of other urban foxes that will fiercely fight to protect their space. Also, not many humans welcome foxes into their garden and there have been cases of humans attempting to poison foxes. The worst case scenario is that some or all of these foxes could be hurt or killed by the demolition or could be classified as “vermin” and killed by “pest” controllers.

Foxes are a native species and play and important part of our ecologic system. They do not harm us and it is humans who take more and more of their habitat away, actively persecuting them as if we had a right to own every inch of Planet Earth.

Foxes have as much a right to live here as we do and as compassionate human beings it is our duty to protect them and all other wildlife. All they want is to be allowed to live their short lives in peace.

They cannot speak up for themselves. Please be the voice for these beautiful, intelligent and sociable animals, so they will not be killed and are given time to find a new home.

Thank you for speaking up for these beautiful animals.

West Sussex

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Reasons for signing

  • To teach our children and new generation to respect all living creatures !!!
  • This is a place that we need more of in this world
  • We have to take the small steps to save wildlife, each small thing is significant. It is NOT just a couple of foxes, it is all wildlife that continues to be threatened with human arrogance.


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