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To: Greg Clarke - secretary of state for Energy & Climate change

Fracking Referendum

Theresa May said she would listen to the public. In allowing fracking in Lancashire this promise has been broken only days after it was made. The Government says that there is a minority against fracking in Lancashire. So lets put this to the test and hold a referendum. The government got it wrong about membership to the EU and now got it wrong about public opinion on fracking. So Theresa May lets ask the public.

Why is this important?

House prices are already falling behind other areas of the country and the already crumbling roads cant cope with the extra traffic. The environment will be destroyed and the money will not remain in the Fylde and maybe not in the UK. A study shows that the increase in employment is dwarfed by the loss of agriculture jobs not to mention the reduction in the tourism industry.

How it will be delivered

By hand to 10 Downing Street


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