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To: Glasgow City Council

Glasgow Parking (West) Crisis

Glasgow Parking (West) Crisis

Mark more bays in the Westend immediately and mark them as Residents Permit only as there are insufficient spaces on every road West of Byres Road. (there are huge gaps that could be marked with bays)

On Bowmont Gardens alone town houses 1-7 were converted into flats (appx 34) on the express proviso that the developers made the rear gardens into parking spaces, they did, but instead of parking in their dedicated spaces in the rear residents block the front spaces, 20 only for the whole gardens which does not allow the other resident of houses 8-15 appx 36 flats, 40 odd cars room to park on an evening. The residents of the redeveloped flats in 1-7 should never have been given permits, we would all have objected but the council assured us they would use the rear parking.

As for these surrounding streets Bowmont & Marchmont Terrace,
Athole & Huntly Gardens, Observatory, Dowanside Dundonald & HorslethillRd, Saltoun, Ruthven & Roxburgh Streets etc it is the same story not enough spaces for residents.

We realise emergency services need clear routes and even with extra bays the routes would remain clear. I reiterate our priority is "Residents Bays" as on the East side of Byres Road as on Kersland, Cranworth, Great George St etc etc.

Why is this important?

GCC are doing a fantastic job by stealth of fining residents who already hold parking permits. It's night after night, scores of tickets for £60 have been issued. This will drive away our friends, relatives and above all shoppers to Byres Rd. Prepare for a retail meltdown like in 2008 when there were 12 empty shops for 5 years on one of Scotland's alleged Premier shopping street, really!

And the parking wardens are not observing for 10 minutes before issuing tickets.

The last Labour led council started this scheme to fill their dwindling coffers. I want the SNP led council to fix it ASAP.
I didn't vote for this parking regime, neither did the people who have signed this petition.

What exactly is the extra revenue being spent on, certainly not the roads!

The parking wardens have arrived en mass in white mini vans at gone 6pm and stay in the area until almost 10pm every night. Clearly they are not issuing enough tickets during the daytime to meet their quotas! One person told me allegedly they posse of parking wardens are a private firm bussed in from England, I will investigate further.

Glasgow, Westend

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